I made a thing. It’s for people who don’t know how to blow their own trumpet.
For busy people in business who need to show up online a lot more.
For people who are busy doing what pays the bills.
Who don’t have the time or headspace for daily creative blog writing.
Or effective regular Facebook lives.
It is for people who offer an important, brilliant service.
Who are here to do work that helps others, but they don’t know how to share their message day after day.
I have the solution you have been looking for.
I see you. I hear you.
I am here to listen. With a video camera, if necessary.
I have been a secret weapon.
Now I can be YOUR secret weapon.
I’m here to help YOU shine online.
Done for you.
So you can reach more people and help them by doing what you do best.
Now is your time to shine.
Hit the buttons below to make it happen
Your one hour of video footage is cut up into as many clips of gold as possible, so that you receive multiple clips to use and feed your socials with. 
The number of clips that can be obtained varies according to how the conversation flows and where they can be edited. As a guide, one hour of raw video footage often produces 30+ clips.