G’day! hi

I’m Olivia, your Podcast Enthusiast and Social Media Liberator. 🚀

Nice to meet you, I’m Olivia! 👋 

The multi-passionate entrepreneur, on a mission to propel your impact on the world without chaining you to the relentless grind of social media.

As your secret weapon, I help you attract clients and amplify your online presence without burning out.

How? By crafting killer podcasts that form the bedrock for all your video, social media, and marketing content.

With me as your partner, not only do you build a career and life you love, but you also contribute positively to the world – all while snagging six hours of your time back every week! How’s that for a win-win?

My love affair with podcasting was ignited by the captivating and profound conversations it enables, and it’s led me to collaborate with a diverse range of professionals, from coaches and radio stations, to educators and social workers.

My clients have gone on to nab cool radio gigs, coveted speaking opportunities, and, of course, a treasure trove of hot leads, all thanks to their podcasts.

Did You Know?

My fame is not only limited to the podcasting world. For a sparkling moment, I was famous in Portugal, traveling north to south, making TV appearances alongside local superstar Quim Barreiros.

I wear many hats, and one of them is a fancy, feathered opera one! With a background in singing, I’ve sung Portuguese Fado, taken on principal roles in Melbourne opera productions, and performed at parties and weddings in bands and duos. You might even have caught my regular stint at the ‘Railway Cafe’ in Church Street, Brighton.

And the musical plot thickens! I’m also the creative force behind ‘Livvi Kids Songs’. Here, I produce catchy nursery rhymes and original tunes for children that not only get their toes tapping but also imbue them with empowering positive affirmations as they sing along.

I’m lucky to call the breathtaking Mornington Peninsula my home, where I live with my loving hubby, two adventurous kids, and an enthusiastic dog.

So, what do you say? Ready to transform your dreams into a reality with a side of fun? Let’s chat and explore how podcasting can catapult your business to dizzying heights. Get in touch today!