Uncover Your Voice





I reveal my ‘secrets’, to enable you to reveal your voice


Singing is easier than you think. 


Do you think you have to practice for years until your voice eventually becomes stronger?  Until you can have greater breath control and a wider vocal range? 


Let me let you in on a little secret. 


That’s not how it works. Does a baby have to practice for years before they have huge lung capacity, vocal range and power?


No. They don’t. 


So learning to sing isn’t really about learning to sing. 


It’s about UNLEARNING. 


It’s about forgetting about singing. It’s about removing the blocks. The doubts. The fears. The restrictions. It’s a mind game. 


It’s about DISCOVERING the voice you ALREADY HAVE!! Just like we all discover a baby’s voice the moment he or she is born. 


Then all you have to do is throw in a tune,  some light and shade. Expression. Emotion. Artistry. Story telling. 


Then BOOM! 


You would be surprised how quickly you can discover power and freedom in your voice you didn’t know was there.

Ready to discover your voice? Of course you are! Use the scheduling system below and realise your dream of singing with ease, power and emotion 

Tell me more! Tell me more!

Is singing your dream? I was shy and scared to try, but my life BEGAN when I started singing. My only regret is not starting earlier. If this is something your heart is saying YES to, then LISTEN to your heart. Open the door to this journey

Here are a few examples of me singing, by the way 🙂

Below are some videos of me singing opera, rock, pop, ballads, Portuguese fado and children’s music