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AUGUST 09, 2023

E25 S3 The Power of Showing Up Embracing Imperfection in Entrepreneurship

E25 S3 The Power of Showing Up Embracing Imperfection in Entrepreneurship

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You know those days when you just don’t feel like showing up? Yeah, we all have them. As a business owner, being present online is crucial, but there are times when life’s challenges or imposter syndrome can make it feel like an uphill battle.

Recently, I experienced one of those days. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t feeling my best, and the idea of recording a podcast episode felt daunting. But it got me thinking, am I the only one who feels like this sometimes? I quickly realized I wasn’t alone. This realization led me to record a podcast episode about the value of not being perfect in our online presence.

Authenticity is key, and there’s tremendous value in showing up even when we’re not at our best. Now, I’m not suggesting we turn our online platforms into whinge fests, but rather, view our commitment as a challenge to ourselves. By doing so, we can find the positives even on challenging days.

As entrepreneurs, we must be self-led, although that doesn’t mean we have to do everything on our own. Seeking support and guidance is essential, but our journey is also about mindset work and self-discovery. Showing up for ourselves, as well as our audience, is vital.

During my podcast interviews and conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, a recurring theme emerged—the power of sharing from a place of imperfection. The pressure to be flawless, especially on social media, is fading. Instead, we embrace a more balanced approach, showing our real selves while maintaining boundaries on what’s too personal for public sharing.

One of my interviewees, Suzanne Culberg, commits to doing podcasts every single day, sharing her imperfections and vulnerabilities. This resonated deeply with me. Another client, Anna Hastie, often shares her own struggles and fears in her podcast, connecting authentically with her audience.

Swapna Thomas, another fellow podcaster, once said, “Share from your scars, not your wounds.” It means we don’t have to be completely transparent, but we can share our journeys and challenges after we’ve gained insights from them.

So, how do we show up when we’re not feeling our shiny best? It all starts with taking action. Negative thoughts can paralyze us, but by taking action, we create movement and shift our energy and perspective.

I recently had a podcast interview with Vicki Main, who asked me what scares me. It made me realize that the fear of not being perfect in all things podcasting sometimes hinders me. But perfection is a myth, and aiming for it limits our growth. Embracing imperfection allows us to keep evolving and getting better without judging our previous efforts.

In this journey of entrepreneurship, it’s essential to be kind to ourselves, embracing both our ups and downs. And don’t forget to talk to someone if you need to; seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Consistency is crucial, but what’s even more important is our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Treating showing up online as we do with exercise can be helpful. Even if we miss a day, it doesn’t mean we’ve failed; it means we’re human. Just like we don’t skip exercising altogether because we missed one day, we shouldn’t berate ourselves for not showing up perfectly every time.

So, let’s strive to be our authentic selves, embracing imperfection as an opportunity for growth and connection. Remember, every step in the journey is a form of perfection. Keep taking action, keep showing up, and you’ll be amazed at the positive impact it brings.

If you enjoyed this, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’d like me to discuss next time. See you soon!

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[00:00:00] What do you do when you just don’t feel like showing up? To have a business, you have to show up online and. There are some days where you just might not feel like it. There might be some days where you are just, you’ve got things going on in your life and you don’t wanna show up, and so I thought I would make a podcast episode about that.

[00:00:21] Hey, my name is Olivia Dea. I’m dedicated to helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality by building a career and a life they love and making a positive impact in the world. I’m a podcast and social media manager, a singer songwriter, a kids music creator, a. Our wife and a mom.

[00:00:42] I’m the secret weapon behind many six and seven figure entrepreneurs helping them shine, line and call in the people they are here to serve. And now I’m here to help you. This podcast is here to help you learn and be inspired. You’ll learn about podcasting, lead generation, business, and all about the real life stories of [00:01:00] people behind the businesses.

[00:01:01] Just like you think of it as a place to hang out with your like-minded business bestie who gets what it’s like. So grab a cup and hit subscribe so we can hang out. Again, this is Magnetic Pod, the podcast. I’m here and I’m ready to be brave. Cannot miss me. I’ll stand on every stage. I’m

[00:01:28] to be honest. Today for me is one of those days, actually I’m feeling better now that I’ve hit record, but it’s one of those days where perhaps I wasn’t feeling my best. And the idea of showing up and recording a podcast because it’s a commitment I’ve made, felt like, ah, I don’t think I’ve got anything to offer today.

[00:01:51] What do I do? And I thought, I’m not the only one. Like I’m not the only one who feels like this sometimes. [00:02:00] And something that’s come up recently through context that I’ve had other podcast interviews is the whole value of not being perfect. And I think there is value in authenticity and there’s value in showing up when you are.

[00:02:21] Not at your best, so you don’t wanna show up and just have a winge fest. But having that commitment is like a challenge to yourself to go, okay, what’s the positive in that? If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to be self-led. That doesn’t mean doing it all on your own. We all need support. Uh, being an entrepreneur is a journey of mindset work and self-discovery and, and showing up for yourself as well as the people online.[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] So my thought today is I just wanna share what’s worked for me because I know for myself that when people have shared their stories, that it helps me, in fact, what I’m sharing today and. How I’m able to show up today, today is because of other people’s stories. Earlier in the week, I did a podcast interview with Suzanne Kohlberg.

[00:03:25] So go check out our last podcast and, and her podcast as well. And she mentioned this, and it really struck a chord with me that she actually commits to doing podcasts every single day. Whew. That’s, that’s impressive. Hmm. And it’s in the back of my mind that, Hmm, maybe I’ll do that. Uh, She found the value in it is that she was able to share from a place of imperfection as well.

[00:03:50] And I know another one of my clients is Anna Hasty, and she, in her podcast sometimes shares her [00:04:00] wobbles and her fears that come up and there’s value in that. I think we’re past the era of perfect Instagram aspirational stories. We need to lift the veil, we need to do it with balance. We don’t wanna just go, here’s my warts and all.

[00:04:19] You know, some things are not meant to be online. Some things are personal, but, and, and there’s also the saying of, now I’m thinking of Swapna Thomas, who is also, we did podcast interviews on each other’s podcasts, and she’s, she said, share from your. Scars not your wounds. So, you know, you don’t have to be an open book, but sharing the realness of you, you don’t have to be perfect, so, so the way to show up when you are not at your shiny best is to take action.

[00:04:58] To [00:05:00] look at what’s stopping you and realizing any thoughts in your head. Uh, a perspective that you might be a bit stuck in, but it’s not necessarily, it probably isn’t the truth if it’s something that’s keeping you stuck. I think negative thoughts are something that paralyzes us. So fear paralyzes and what sets us free is action, and there’s a shift in energy and perspective.

[00:05:28] And taking action creates movement. It creates flow. It so there’s that shift that just opens up a different perspective. One thing I think really helps is talking, and I have been on a podcast interview this morning with Vicki Maine, so go follow her podcast, which is the Get Unstuck podcast, and she asked me, What scares me and what came up for me was [00:06:00] the idea that I should be perfect in all things podcasting.

[00:06:05] I share and, and teach about podcasting. So sometimes I feel like that puts a, an expectation on me, but really I think it’s only from me that that means that I should. Have everything perfect to never ever have a technical issue. I can actually hear outside at the moment some noise outside the windows.

[00:06:24] I’m hoping that’s not gonna creep into the sound. Uh, I remember when I first got this, I got a new, a new microphone, um, um, because I’ve, I’ve moved house and I found the desktop one. I just didn’t work with this new standup desk that I’ve got, and it didn’t end up in the right spot in front of my mouth.

[00:06:44] And so I got a, uh, an extendable, uh, boom arm and I was, uh, putting it together on the same day as having a podcast interview. And I was like, I’m supposed to know all the things, and I was a little [00:07:00] bit nervous of not sorting it out and fix, figuring out how to put it all together in time for the podcast interview.

[00:07:05] And I’m like, why am I putting that pressure on myself? Why do I think I need to be perfect? And the other thing, this morning in the podcast interview, I, I left my emails open and I know that that’s a thing I teach not to do. I, I teach. I, I’ve said, when you have a podcast interview, close all the things that go ping, close your emails.

[00:07:29] The challenge with that is that it can be hard to do because that’s the most likely time when you need to be contactable because your podcast guest or host is trying to let you know if there’s and technical issues trying to send you a link. All of those. Communication things are happening right at that point, and they can be very easy to forget to close those off because you’re leaving it up them open until the last moment.

[00:07:53] I digress. But I guess my message is to go easy on yourself. The things that we teach are the things that we need to [00:08:00] learn ourselves. So if you are having a podcast, it’s okay if you are learning the things as well. Perfection is. A myth, there is no per perfect. If you aim for perfect. That’s actually really, really limiting because it’s, it’s as though perfect is an endpoint, and if there’s an endpoint, you can’t do better than that.

[00:08:24] And who says you can’t be better than perfect? What if. Imperfect is perfect. What if every step along the way is perfection? Even though you can keep evolving and keep getting better, that doesn’t mean the previous version was wrong or imperfect. It’s the beautiful analogy that we can learn from looking at toddlers is that every fall that they do is not something to be berated.

[00:08:51] It’s not a mistake. It is part of the process. So, I guess I’m saying be kind to yourself in your ups and your downs [00:09:00] and talk to someone. If you need to look for the lesson, look for what you can share that has value from where you are right now. Being perfect and being a hundred percent super bulletproof all of the time.

[00:09:19] Isn’t relatable for most people unless maybe you’re a narcissist. And even then, that’s not a for, that’s not true confidence. So cut yourself some slack. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect. The other thing is, even if, if you don’t show up, don’t let that be an excuse to berate yourself or stop altogether, either.

[00:09:42] I do liken showing up online. Or podcasting to exercising. Ideally, do it regularly and do it every single time. And yes, consistency is best and that’s if you can hold yourself to that, that is best. But what’s even more important [00:10:00] is your mental health, your emotional health, your physical health, and what you do most of the time.

[00:10:08] So if you are wondering how to show up online, what’s worked for me in a nutshell is to do it anyway. Treat it again as exercise. You only regret the exercise that you don’t do. So put on your runners and go out for a walk at least or something like that. And the same goes for showing up online. Turn on the camera, turn on the microphone.

[00:10:31] Take some action. And you’ll feel better for it. That’s it for today. See you.

[00:10:39] I’m here and I’m ready to brave. I’ll stand every stage. I’m available. Destiny.