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JULY 05, 2023

E20 S3 Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Protecting the Golden Goose of Your Business

E20 S3 Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Protecting the Golden Goose of Your Business

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Are you a busy, ambitious female entrepreneur trying to build your business during school hours while juggling million other demands?

It’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself when you’re focused on getting everything done. But here’s the truth: You are the golden goose of your business, and if you’re not okay, neither is your business.

In this episode, I share my journey of embracing my nature, working with myself, and prioritizing self-care.

I talk about the importance of mental and physical health, and share some simple techniques to reset your nervous system and calm your mind. If you’re ready to perform at your best and take care of yourself in the process, this episode is for you.

Tune in now to discover how to be the best version of yourself and build the business of your dreams. Don’t forget to hit subscribe so you don’t miss any of the tips, tricks, and inspiration that could help you in your business and your life.

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[00:00:00] As ambitious, busy entrepreneurs, we’re always pushing ourselves to do our best, be productive, be there for our clients, do the best for our clients, go to the next level, be the best version of ourselves. But in that, sometimes we put ourselves last. I remember someone said to give a credit. It was. Janna.

[00:00:19] Kingsford say that you are the golden goose and she was referring to entrepreneurs. And it’s so true. If you have a business, you are the golden goose. You have got to be [00:00:30] okay. So that has really come home to me to prioritize my self-care. And that’s why I think self-care is so important because if you, you’re not okay, neither is your business.

[00:00:40] So if you are interested in mindset and being in the best mental. Physical and all the things so that you can perform at your best, then this episode is for you. Welcome to Magnetic Pod. If you are looking to attract your soul clients while doing the work you love, this show is for you. Ha. I’m Olivia de Susar.[00:01:00]

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[00:01:17] Let’s make a massive impact. I.[00:01:30]

[00:01:36] Hi, I’m Olivia. I help entrepreneurs to create powerful podcasts that feed their social media. Save them up to five hours a week and just help them get their time back and create leads for their business. Before we get into it, remember to hit subscribe so you don’t miss any of the ticks and tricks and stories and inspiration that could help you in your business and your life.

[00:01:56] Okay, let’s get into it. So last year I feel a little bit weird cause [00:02:00] I keep bringing up a D H D. I’m not all about a d h adhd, am I? I think it’s because it gives me language. It gives me a way to be able to communicate the idea of realizing that all of our brains work differently and the. To figure out how my brain works and therefore how I best work in life rather than fighting how you are.

[00:02:20] So I guess that’s why I bring it up is because really my key message, which I think applies to everyone, whether you are a D H D, neurotypical, neurodivergent, whatever, all of these things actually [00:02:30] mean anyway. But the real point is that I’m getting at when I talk about these things is what is your nature?

[00:02:35] What are your strengths? What are your habits, and are a lot of your habits. Things that you’ve fought with your whole life and maybe things that you could look at differently to realize that instead of fighting them, realizing that you are wired a particular way and making the most of it. So I have whole conflict around how I feel about the whole diagnosis thing.

[00:02:57] I found it helpful in a way to understand [00:03:00] myself better, but I’ve had medication and I can’t tell the difference. So I think my experience will feel different to people who have had medication and go, oh wow. Changed my life with Mia. It hasn’t, but it’s more the awareness of realizing that the way that I’ve done things might be because that’s the way I am.

[00:03:17] So just that simple realization for me is, has changed how I look at my business and how I look at myself and how I look at managing my. Time, my life, my business, my health, my everything. So I came up with [00:03:30] a bit of an analogy recently, which was, what if we’re all a bit like dogs? Here’s the thing, a few years back I looked into getting a dog.

[00:03:38] I didn’t do anything about it at the time. It’s ended up with them. We’ve adopted a dog. My parents have gone away, and I don’t think they’re taking their dog back when they come back. But anyway, I digress. When I was researching possibly having a dog, I looked into the temperaments because I wanted to make sure that we got a dog that would be kid-friendly and not too ferocious, and all of those things.

[00:03:57] And if you look into it, there are dogs with [00:04:00] particular temperaments. So some dogs are more placid and they might be great. Danes, Labradors, cavalier King Charles, I’ve Googled this so don’t hold me to it. If there is any. Dog experts out there, but you get the idea. There are certain breeds that are more placid that might do better in an apartment with less land, maybe not great Danes, but you get the idea.

[00:04:17] There’s certain dogs with certain temperaments, and then if you wanted an energetic dog, you might get Border Collie, you might get a German short head pointer. There’s certain dogs that are definitely more active and that also need. [00:04:30] Space and definitely need to go for plenty of walks every day and all that kind of thing.

[00:04:34] So if we lived in a world that was built for small placid dogs that do well in apartments, and then we recognized that a border collie or a German short hair pointer was losing it in that situation and going a little bit nuts, would it be correct to say that they had a disorder? Would it be correct to say that they were.

[00:04:53] Disabled, or would it be more accurate to say that they are in an environment that they are not [00:05:00] designed for? Is a order coly disordered because it would hate being in a small apartment all day doing nothing? Or do they have a superpower that is untapped? They are supposed to be out doing things. Being active, being of service, doing exciting things, running around with sheep or whatever they do.

[00:05:18] It feels like sometimes that we call it a disability because we want the validation that it is a real difficulty in certain areas that if we are not getting on top of our bookkeeping or we [00:05:30] haven’t opened our mail, or our cars are messy or whatever, that it’s not just because we’re lazy. It is an executive function issue and we want.

[00:05:37] People to understand that. So we want them to know there are real things that we find harder, so we wanna make sure that people do recognize it as a disability, and also so that we can get the N D I S funding to get the help that we genuinely need. Maybe we should get those things simply because we are wide that way and we need them in the same way that a border colleague should not be in a small apartment getting no [00:06:00] exercise.

[00:06:00] And just be expected to magically do well. They would be effectively disordered or doing badly in that situation. I digress. People with d ADHD are known to go off on tangents, and so I guess that’s what I’m doing in this episode, but I enjoy it. So I hope you’re coming along for the ride. But the point of all of this, Brett is to say that no matter what your personality is, can you embrace being you?

[00:06:23] Can you embrace the way you are? Maybe you are a super organized person and maybe you are great at focusing on certain [00:06:30] things, and maybe you could be a person that helps organize people or you could bring that into your life, or that could be a thing that you do. If you are not, then maybe you are super creative and maybe you can work on something different every day.

[00:06:41] Or maybe if you have lots of ideas, you can bring those ideas and figure out how they can work together. So where this fits into the whole self-care thing is to work with yourself and give yourself. Grace, and I think it helps with the mental wellbeing side of things because if you’re [00:07:00] fighting with yourself, if you’re berating yourself for the way that you are and for the things that not good, then you can’t get on with business of being the best entrepreneur.

[00:07:09] You can be in your style, bring in the people that can help you with the things that are your weaknesses that you’re never gonna be good at. Like for someone like me, uh, keeping your inbox neat and organized or something like that, or, I hate bookkeeping, so I’ve got someone to do that because I don’t ever wanna get good at it.

[00:07:25] I hate it so much. That, for me, ties into what I’m talking about today because it’s about embracing [00:07:30] who you are and working with it. And that helps your mental wellbeing and that helps you function at your best. I might have gone on a bit of a tangent, but hopefully you came with me for the ride and it makes sense.

[00:07:40] Okay. Health, and this again comes back to mindset. I’m not a health guru by any means. I’m just simply sharing my journey. I used to be a fitness freak. I used to instruct group fitness classes. I used to be in the front of the classes doing the most advanced moves to everything. Being the woohoo, yeah.

[00:07:59] Cheering [00:08:00] and, and all of those things. And then I went on to become a group fitness instructor. I instructed Shabam, which not everyone’s heard of. It’s a Les Mills program. It’s a bit like Zumba. I guess it’s a party cuz I’ve got a background in. Music and singing and entertaining. So it was right up my alley.

[00:08:15] I was super duper fit, and I realized also that it was mindset that helped me get that fit at that point in my life. Because going back earlier, there was times where I saw myself as not a gym person. I’m not that kind of a gym person. And I started off by doing [00:08:30] workouts from home and then got more comfortable to be more fit to turn up at the gym, and then I felt.

[00:08:34] So energetic that my identity shifted and I saw myself as being a gym person, a fit person, and then I had kids and somehow I’d never quite got back there. And it’s been like my son’s about to turn nine. , so if we count pregnancy, it’s been like 10 years since I was consistently a super fit person and I have gone on this.

[00:08:54] Up and down, up and down, try to get fit, start to get a bit fit again, and then lose it again. And I’m like, [00:09:00] man. And then I just have gone through times where I’ve given up, haven’t been keeping up a great program for a year or something. So I don’t feel like I can talk about this with great authority. Let me check it back in, in a year’s time.

[00:09:10] But for now, I wanna share what’s working for me for the last couple of months, which is, To change my goal to something that I can get behind and believe that I can do for where I am at this stage, this season of my life, I have let go of the idea of being that super fit person for now, and instead I’m just thinking that I want [00:09:30] to be someone who moves every day.

[00:09:31] So in the morning I get up and do something, and it can be small because I get the kids up at 6:00 AM My husband’s up at 5:00 AM I don’t want exercise in front of him. Cuz if I get up, I wanna spend a little bit of time with him and have a coffee If I do get up that early, so basically from the time he leaves at about five 30 ish between there I’ve got this little window of doing something.

[00:09:51] By the time I get my act together, it might be like 20 to six or something where I’m looking for a workout or something. So I might just do a small workout on YouTube or the [00:10:00] fit on at, or yoga. Cuz I didn’t sleep too well last night, so I didn’t feel like getting up and doing something too gung ho. But I went.

[00:10:05] I’m gonna get up, I’m gonna do something, I’m going to move. So I did a Adrian Yoga morning 10 minute thing and I felt like this is still good. Ok. It’s not my gung ho version of myself from back in the day, but I could feel that I was moving my body. I was stretching in a way that I wouldn’t be doing otherwise.

[00:10:21] And it’s. Got to be doing me, so I’m good. Then later in the day, what I will do is I make sure I go for a walk with my dog. So that gets me out and I make sure that I get at [00:10:30] least, I’d like to say 10,000 steps. But reality, I find it hard to squeeze it all in. So even if I get over 5,000 steps and I’ve moved a bit, winning.

[00:10:37] Okay. And for me, especially seeing how my husband has lost weight and lowered cholesterol and all those health markers since he went. Back to a particular job where he moves all day. It really highlighted for me how, not necessarily formal exercise, but just simply being active really counts. And I’ve heard before of [00:11:00] incidental exercise and parking further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

[00:11:04] And I used to think, yeah, yeah, whatever. It doesn’t make that much difference. But when I see the impact, And the change in my husband from simply doing a job where he’s on his feet and just a few steps here, a few steps there on and on all day, and racks up like over 10,000 steps every day without doing any formal exercise.

[00:11:21] It made the penny drop of just moving and everything counts. That’s shifted my perspective on instead of trying to be where I was 10 years ago. [00:11:30] For now at this stage of my life, when I’ve still got a three year old, when I’ve gotta be up and getting them to school on time and it’s hard to find a slot to get out to the gym and do all the things.

[00:11:39] For now I’m happy to be moving cuz I think that counts. I think moving, walking, doing what you can, stretching your bodies, making sure they’ll do something at some point counts. So again, this is Selfcare. You are the goal and goose in your business. What can you do for where you’re at? Even if it’s five minutes, is there something you can do that’s good for yourself?

[00:11:58] I was listening [00:12:00] to a podcast where I heard Chrissy Swan talk about how she. Got healthy. People talk about weight loss. She doesn’t wanna focus on that part of it, but for her mental wellbeing and for having some time for herself, she started incorporating walking every day into her life. It’s basically what she does to get her mind clear and for her mental wellbeing, if she has to make a big decision.

[00:12:22] She says, oh, walk on it. The, what I also loved in that episode, listening to her, is where she said, I can do it now. Cuz my kids, they’re [00:12:30] older, they get themselves home from school. She’s at a different stage of life and she said it may be that where you are in your life right now that you cannot do this yet.

[00:12:39] So I have some grace for yourself because you may not be able to do the big goal that you have in mind yet at this stage, at this season. But if you can do five, 10 minutes. Or something that is gonna bring you some sanity and look after yourself as the golden goose. Is there something you can do? And if there isn’t or if there’s not much, then to also give yourself grace for that.

[00:12:59] My next [00:13:00] point here is mental health, but really I think that all of this ties back to mental health. For me, even the physical fitness thing really is about how I feel, which is largely emotional and mental is. The main reason for caring about all of that. Now, a little while ago I had an appointment I went to, I’ll give them a plug, give them a shout out, Somerville Healing Center.

[00:13:20] Had a little chat there cause I was getting a little bit too stressed about everything and just having someone get where I’m at and I, being able to talk to them about it was very helpful. And also [00:13:30] reflecting some of the things that they saw that was very helpful. But she also gave me a few tips about resetting the nervous system.

[00:13:38] And I’ve been using them because of course, if you’re gonna. Down and do an hour or two or whatever of work, it is worth investing five, 10 minutes in some exercises. And I don’t mean fitness exercises in some activities that will help you reset your nervous system so that you’re in a good space, a good head space, that your nervous system is calm, that you’re not in fight or flight, that you’re not in some sort of paddock [00:14:00] mode, worrying about getting all the things done in your business, but not in a good head space.

[00:14:04] So I’ll go through some of the things. There’s belly breathing. You can sit in a chair lean. Forward and you can clasp your hands together and lean forward in a chair, and it forces you to use your belly and then you breathe in for five counts through the nose. Breathe out for five counts through the mouth and do that as many times as you need.

[00:14:23] The other thing is you can tip your head one way and look with your eyes in the opposite [00:14:30] direction and keep doing that as long as it takes until you swallow or yawn, and then you do it the other side again. So that is a vagus nerve reset, so that helps to calm you down as well. The other thing you can do is splash cold water on your face, or if you’ve already got makeup on, you can just do a cold compress.

[00:14:47] Okay, so the next thing is the four thumps EEF T technique. I’m not an E F T practitioner, but this is what I’ve been taught that I’ve been doing that helps ground you so you can thump. Underneath your eyes on your cheekbone and take some [00:15:00] deep breaths and that helps ground you. Then you can do the K 27 points.

[00:15:04] It’s called, I believe, which is just under the collarbone, thump, thump, thump there. Can you hear my voice like that? So you can thump there. Take some deep breaths, and that is good for. Kidney meridians, and then in the center of the chest, your breast bone there, the thymus point, thump, thump, thump. Take some deep breaths and that’s good for thymus gland controls the life energy of the body, and then the spleen points, which is basically under the chest, under the [00:15:30] boobs.

[00:15:30] The seventh to date. Ribs thump there. Take some deep breaths and that can help reset your nervous system and make you feel better. So I will share links for that in the show notes if you want to follow along. There’s also a video I found on YouTube that I really like, which is the whole E F T sequence, but it’s for resetting all the chakras.

[00:15:45] If you are into that kind of thing, if you’re following me, you probably are. So all of those things I will put in the show notes for you. The other thing I found that I’ve been more aware of, basically since learning all of these techniques and having this. Session with someone is [00:16:00] just to be aware. So sometimes I find myself, I can feel my nervous system going or getting myself wound up with something or some fear trigger thing happening in my mind where I’m starting to worry about something and just the act of actually noticing and going, hello, what’s going on here?

[00:16:13] What is my thought system doing? Why am I act reacting? What is this trigger? What is this fear I have? And simply noticing it so that you can put some space between the feeling. And yourself and realizing that you are having a reaction. It is not who you are. It is a thing you’re [00:16:30] experiencing that maybe you can stop once you notice it, maybe write about it, maybe journal about it, but notice it to see that you’ve got into a habit where you go back.

[00:16:37] If you don’t notice it, then you’ll just spiral and fall into, I’m nervous and I’m just wrapped up in all my nerves and wrapped up in my stress and thinking it’s all real, rather than to just go, hang on. What’s going on here? What am I doing? What am I thinking? Why am I sleeping? Let’s stop that. Okay, so some of that is just about.

[00:16:52] Observing and being self-aware. And the other thing is to have fun. So if you’re an entrepreneur, remember to have fun with it. Release the fears and [00:17:00] remember why you’re doing it. You’re doing it because you’re passionate. If you have lots of ideas like I do, don’t beat yourself up for having ideas. Play with how you can incorporate them into what you’re doing.

[00:17:10] Basically, embrace who you are. If you wanna really narrow down and focus on one thing and just hone in on that, then you go for that new bu if you have lots of ideas. Then think about how you can make them work together so that you are super unique as the only person who combines these things together.

[00:17:25] Embrace being you and have fun. Have fun, even things that are not work related that help with [00:17:30] your mental wellbeing, like just playing with your kids if that is something you enjoy doing or going for a walk if you can, or organizing a social. Thing or jumping on the phone. Does anyone use their phone for phone calls anymore?

[00:17:42] Maybe you could do that. Put the music on. Put fun music. Music is therapeutic. Put some music on, have a dance, be silly. Watch a comedy, all these things. So I hope you found this helpful. I would love to know what you do for self-care, what you find helpful, what works for you. Let me know. Send [00:18:00] me a message or comment on my social media or something, and I’d love to know.

[00:18:04] You can contact me at livi Music Media on Instagram via dm, so it’s L I V V I Music Media and let’s chat and let me know what you wanna know for the next podcast. See, bye. So what were your key takeaways from today? Did it raise any questions? What would you like to know more about? Let me know. You can contact me via social media or email.

[00:18:25] I don’t care which way you use. Just reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you. And [00:18:30] remember, you can get access to lots of free podcast resources that’ll help you get started or help you improve your slash freebies. Hit subscribe cuz I wanna see you again, but for now. Go forth.

[00:18:44] Be the awesome person you are. Live the life you want to live and have fun. You’ve got this. See you next time.[00:19:00]