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E18 S3 Solo, Delegate to Elevate Outsourcing Podcast Content Creation

S3 EP18 Solo, Delegate to Elevate Outsourcing Podcast Content Creation

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Are you a busy entrepreneur who wants to make a big impact without sacrificing your precious time? Do you dream of having a massive online presence but struggle to keep up with the demands of content creation? If so, this episode of Magnetic Pod is for you!

In this episode, I’ll explain how podcasting can be the engine that powers your marketing content creation. By recording your podcast and outsourcing everything else, you can free up your time, maximize your online impact, generate leads, and regain your sanity!

I’ll delve into the benefits of outsourcing your podcast management and content creation, such as saving time and effort, ensuring quality and consistency, and unlocking new opportunities. With my expertise in podcast management and content creation, I’ll show you how to delegate and elevate your podcast, so you can focus on delivering incredible content and engaging with your audience.

Not only will I handle all aspects of podcast management, from editing to repurposing your episodes into short-form videos, graphics, and quote cards, but I’ll also be your partner in your back pocket. With regular check-ins, you’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of and keep you accountable.

And the best part? Your podcast can be the engine that powers ALL your marketing, saving you time while increasing your online presence and maximizing that ‘top of the funnel’ lead generation activity that is so vital!

So, if you’re ready to delegate and elevate your podcast, let’s have a chat and explore how outsourcing podcast content creation can transform your podcasting journey. Together, we’ll save you time, enhance your content, and unlock the full potential of your podcast. Reach out today and let’s get started!

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[00:00:00] Have you ever wished that you had more time to focus on the heart of content creation? That is just showing up, being you, sharing your story, sharing your message without it being a constant time consuming time suck. If that’s the case, then this is for you. It is possible for you to just create content and share your message and reach out to your audience and expand your audience.

[00:00:24] And have your podcasting and content creation be the thing that fuels [00:00:30] all of your content creation and all of your marketing. It can save you time if you do it the right way. Whichever way you can manage it in your life and your stage is fine, but I’m here to let you know that if you are ready to outsource and you’re wondering what that looks like and what difference it makes, I’m gonna run through that today.

[00:00:48] Welcome to Magnetic Pod. If you are looking to attract your sole clients while doing the work you love, this show is for you, hack. I’m Olivia dea. I’m a podcast manager and content [00:01:00] repurposing specialist. The Magnetic Pod show is about attracting your soul. Sole pod of clients through podcasting. It will also include things that can be applied to other areas of your marketing strategy too.

[00:01:10] Hit subscribe to join me in calling in the people we are here to help. Let’s make a massive impact. I.[00:01:30]

[00:01:34] Hi, I’m Olivia. I help entrepreneurs to create powerful podcasts that drive leads, feed their social media and save them hours and hours and hours of time every single week. Remember to hit subscribe so you don’t miss any of the tips and tricks that can help you in your business and in your life. So I thought it was about time that I should probably go through and share what it is that live music media actually does.

[00:01:57] And so that if you are someone who [00:02:00] has a podcast or is thinking about having a podcast but is scared of the overwhelm of the commitment, wondering if it would be worthwhile, I wanna run through what it looks like so you can decide for yourself. Here’s the thing. The people that I work with are generally passionate people who have created a business that aligns with something that they really care about, they really wanna help people with.

[00:02:22] I work with coaches, whether it be business coaches or. Parenting coaches or people that can help with [00:02:30] wellness or feminine embodiment or all sorts of things like that where they are genuinely wanting to help and make life better for other people. And that’s why podcasting works so well for them because they’ve got a big message to share and it’s the most convenient way that they can share it, put on their microphone and.

[00:02:51] Brain dump ones in their head without it having to be perfect, without it having to be written beautifully and perfectly and scripted to [00:03:00] the nth degree without having to figure out captions for the social media or anything else. And if you outsource, then it can be a lot easier. So what that looks like is many podcasters I recommend if you’ve got the Headspace for it.

[00:03:15] It is really good to record your podcast and have video because you’re there doing it anyway. If you can back, a video on video is super powerful and it means that your effort in podcasting is [00:03:30] multiplied So many million. Million might be slight exaggeration, but maybe 10 x or 20. X. It is so much more that you can get out of your podcast if you switch a camera on at the same time.

[00:03:40] In today’s environment where video is everywhere, on all the social media platforms, I would start there and I would say, if you are willing to then turn on a video, it’s not compulsory. There’ll be some people that don’t wanna do it because some people close their eyes and spiritual and channel a message, so to speak.

[00:03:58] It just flows through them and [00:04:00] having the video on is not necessarily for them. So it’s gotta be what works for you, or it might be for whatever. Reason. You want to not have to worry about what you look like and all of that sort of thing. Done is better than perfect. Done is better than having to worry about ticking boxes, but if you can do it as a video, then here’s what happens next.

[00:04:17] You put it in a Dropbox and you share it with me. Basically, I have a submission form so that I know what recording you’re sharing with me relates to which podcast. Save time, [00:04:30] going backwards and forth through emails and trying to out what? File relates to what things? So there’s a submission form that you’d send through, and then I’ve got it, and then what happens next?

[00:04:39] Depends on what level of service that you have come to me and decide to go with. This is something we would talk about at the beginning. We’d have a chat and we’d find out where you’re at, what your goals are, why you’re making the podcast, what you hope to get. From it and that kind of thing. So I’d help you with the distribution.

[00:04:56] I can give you advice on how to maximize the [00:05:00] chances of getting it ranked on Launch in Apple Podcast and all of the things we can work on your launch and a marketing program that I would guide you through and can support you with. And then from there, On an ongoing basis, you submit your podcasts. Now, if you’re starting out, I would recommend that you get ahead of the game at least a month, but preferably two so that you have a buffer.

[00:05:24] I’d be recording. I’d be back to recording. If you do solo podcasts, it’s easy to sit [00:05:30] down and get them all done in a couple of hours or book in your guest interviews. If you’re doing interview style podcast, get a bunch of them done before we hit. And then once I’ve got that, what you do is you can leave your mistakes in.

[00:05:43] So this comes down to letting go of your inhibitions because I can understand that. I can feel that myself if I have something I’ve gotta share with someone and they’re gonna see my WATS and all version of the take. But what I’m here for and what I really pride myself on is being a safe space [00:06:00] and to support people.

[00:06:01] There are so many, and I probably will at some point release courses and other services. Courses out there though, and so many coaches and things, which are all great and so valuable, we need them. I use them myself, and I offer coaching, but sometimes I feel like, man, you just need help. You need the things done.

[00:06:20] You need your time back. Let me do that for you. Okay? So that is what I do. Basically, it involves sending me the recording, letting me see the wats, all version of [00:06:30] what you’ve done. And then trusting that I will make you look amazing. So I can do things like taking out all the ums and ahs and filler words when I say that.

[00:06:38] It’s not a matter of automatically taking them all out. It’s a matter of using judgment. Sometimes your words run together, or because of how things flow, it may not work to take out every single. An R and everything. It might sound actually better to leave some of them in, but it’s about making you look your best, cutting out mistakes and [00:07:00] having someone that you can trust that is using their judgment to make you look the best you can.

[00:07:04] Polishing it up, making the sound be the best it can. But then on top of that, you’ve got video. Video is so, so powerful. So if you record it, you can record it. Either portraits. Straight away, or you can do landscape and we can chop it down into portrait because if you dot port landscape view, then you could also do long form videos on YouTube.

[00:07:24] Now, the extent that you go with YouTube is whether you do it top notch, edited to the nth degree, or [00:07:30] whether you just wanna have a presence there. But we could discuss all those options. Basically you get a video, you’ve got long form content, and you just hand it over and from there, so we can have the video, get lots of videos that we can cut down for YouTube shorts, TikTok reels, LinkedIn and YouTube.

[00:07:46] So then you’ve got a constant, it feeds your social media and. Video is so hot right now in social media that doing a podcast and doing it with video means that you are hitting all the things. The other incredible value of it is that [00:08:00] the podcast is yours. So while social media algorithms go all over the place, and maybe TikTok gets banned and maybe measure, expects you to have a verified check mark to show your feed to people, and then all these.

[00:08:13] Changing landscapes. You don’t own social media, but you own your podcast and you can milk it till the cows come home and you can put it in all the places. The other reason that, and the other step that you can take if you choose to go all the options, is that you can understand that [00:08:30] when you do a podcast, you are basically brain dumping and sharing all the gold that you have in your head.

[00:08:36] And from that we can get a transcript. So besides all the videos, you can use the transcript to create. Captions for social media. It’s a way for me to understand you deeply and your mission and your goals and what you stand for on your voice, what you sound like. Copy. We can take that and we can use that to create copywriting stuff for you, whether it be for your website, your sales pages, [00:09:00] logs, emails, captions via your social media, Instagram, quote cards, and carousels.

[00:09:07] The wonderful thing that I love about. Podcast is that we get to hear your words and pull quotes from you instead of sharing a quote card that is Brene Brown’s latest quote, or Wayne Dyer or Warren Buffett or whoever. We get your quotes, your voice, your branding, cuz you are your brand personal. It’s all about personal branding these days.

[00:09:29] [00:09:30] We want your voice. So if have a podcast, you say a whole bunch of stuff. Gonna, some. That people need to hear. We can grab that, highlight it, put it on a quote card, and let people know that you’re smart, that you’re brilliant, that you’re wise, and that you’ve got a message that matters than the podcast.

[00:09:49] You can use the podcast. But the podcast is also the engine for everything else. That is a service that I do provide as well. The other thing is I do, is that I pride myself [00:10:00] on being on your team, depending on which level you go for or what package. For example, I meet with Anna. Anna was. Podcast recently, Anna Hasty.

[00:10:09] I love her podcast. She’s a natural and she’s so wise and brilliant. Go check her out, the Alchemy Mindset podcast. And so we catch up once a month on Zoom and what happens from that? Part of what I do is basically touch base, see where you’re at, see what else we can do your ideas, let them know what’s happening in the industry and what you may or may not wanna take on next in your [00:10:30] podcast and marketing strategy.

[00:10:31] But the simple thing of touching base or having someone. In your corner means that something like we were talking about getting some podcast guest spots, because getting on other people’s podcasts is the best way to grow your own podcast. One of the best ways, and because we were gonna touch base again in a month and the month flies by before you know it, and it’s like.

[00:10:52] Ah, the appointment’s coming up. I’m gonna make sure I reach out to some people. I’m gonna make sure I organize some things or that I organize that podcast guest [00:11:00] gig that I said I would do. It’s just that someone to be accountable for, so no one’s gonna get in trouble. Obviously, I’m on your side, but that simple act, it’s accountability with yourself that, because you’ve gotta know that you’re telling somebody else about it.

[00:11:13] It’s like, Oh my gosh, a month’s gone by. I wanna feel that I’ve done the thing that I said I would do last month. So that is part of what I do. But also I’ve helped people with wobbles and nervousness as they have gone to launch a podcast and had a few [00:11:30] wobbles to use their word, she’s called it wobbles.

[00:11:32] I’m thinking of someone in particular who’s said that I helped her through her wobble. So yeah, I think it’s important to have someone to talk to because when you’re creating content or when you’re a solopreneur entrepreneur, Sometimes it’s all on you to motivate yourself or decide what would be good content to make next or have someone to talk to.

[00:11:50] And that’s something I like to do as well. That’s not just about chopping up the video and editing the thing and providing the services. It’s [00:12:00] about the whole complete, I’m on your team. Where are you at? How are you going? Feedback, ideas, bouncing ideas. So it can be via messenger or it can be via appointment.

[00:12:10] It depends on what you set up, but that’s another thing. And basically the big thing is saves time. I have client Caroline Ellen, who’s an amazing, she’s made a big impact on me knowing her. She’s a parent coach that you should all go follow Caroline Ellen and her recent podcasts have been repurposed from [00:12:30] old course content, and so now we are using it.

[00:12:32] To promote her membership, the Village, which is definitely a great membership to be a part of where you can ask questions and she jumps online and shares her advice and tips and she’s so sensible and non-judgmental and evidence-based and wonderful. But yeah, I’ve been able to repurpose all content, so that saves her time and it’s repurposing and showing people, showcasing what’s available within the membership.

[00:12:55] She’s got also, because it’s been so long since she’s looked at the courses, she’s [00:13:00] like, I can’t remember what that is. Can you write the script for me? And I’m like, Okay. And I write the podcast introduction script for her. So I’ll have it there and I’ll see what this is. Podcast is about this. And so I’ll write a script that sort of introduces that this is taken from a training I did.

[00:13:17] It’s about blah, blah, blah. Talk about how it helps the person and that details have been permitted to protect privacy. And you can find out more about it in the show notes if you’re interested in those sort of things. And basically, [00:13:30] It’s just another way that I help is just supporting people in the way they need it.

[00:13:33] So that’s an example of repurposing old content so that she doesn’t even have to record the podcast herself. And then actually writing the script for her, for her podcast introduction. Or if it’s been split into two parts, then there’ll be an outro that I’ve written for her as well, that says, thank you for listening, and part two, we’ll discuss.

[00:13:52] Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So yeah, it’s a complete service, which is doing all the things, supporting you in all the ways that you need in a [00:14:00] holistic way, repurposing so that it saves you time being someone who will not judge you. I just think you’re wonderful. If you’ve record a podcast, I won’t care how many outtakes you do, how many swear words you put in there behind the scenes.

[00:14:13] Yeah. Basically that’s what it looks like. It is tailored because people need different levels and they might go to just a basic, Podcast, edit, publish, and that kind of thing. Or they might wanna go the whole mentorship, repurpose till the cows come home, get copywriting done, and all of the things. [00:14:30] But it is, the podcast itself feeds everything, and you can just record the podcast and outsource it.

[00:14:37] And like I said too, with Caroline, for example, if you have stuff that’s already recorded that you are happy to go in the public domain, that even lightens your load even more as long as you didn’t record it out. On the beach or something with terrible sound. Alright. So yeah, that’s what it looks like to work with live music media.

[00:14:56] If you have any questions, send me a dm, live [00:15:00] Music Media, L I V V I, music media on Instagram, or you can just jump on my head website, live music, and you can book. Time to have a chat and find out more. Let me know if you’ve got any questions and if you want to know how to get started with the podcast and what you need, then check out my freebies page on my website where you can download resources that will help you get started.

[00:15:19] Hannah. We’ll see you next time. Bye. So what were your key takeaways from today? Did it raise any questions? What would you like to know more about? Let me know. You can contact me [00:15:30] via social media or email. I don’t care which way you use. Just reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you. And remember, you can get access to lots of free podcast resources that’ll help you get started or help you improve your slash freebies.

[00:15:47] Hit subscribe cuz I wanna see you again for now. Go forth. Be the awesome person you are. Live the life you want to live and have fun. You’ve got this. See you next time.[00:16:00]