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JUNE 20, 2023

E17 S3 Transform Your Podcast with AI: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

E17 S3 Transform Your Podcast with AI: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

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Get ready for an enlightening episode of Magnetic Pod! Today, we’re diving deep into the fantastic world of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can be your secret weapon in managing your podcast effectively. Trust me, it’s not as daunting as it sounds.

Throughout this episode, I’m sharing with you all the ways I leverage AI to not only simplify my podcasting journey but also to help my clients make the most of theirs. I guide you through the process of creating an entire year’s worth of content ideas using AI – you heard it right, a whole year’s worth!

Of course, I believe in the power of the human element in content creation, so I’ll also discuss how to infuse your unique personal touch while using AI as a handy tool. It’s all about creating content that resonates with your audience and still feels authentically you.

We also chat about how AI can assist in crafting show notes and even suggest SEO-optimized episode titles and tags. It’s like having a virtual assistant that’s always on call!

But remember, while AI can be an absolute game-changer in terms of managing your podcast, it’s important to still keep your ear to the ground. Listen to your episodes, ensure that your personality shines through, and most importantly, make sure your audience gets value from every single episode.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to explore this tech-savvy side of podcasting. You’ll find the prompts I use in the show notes, so you can start applying these tips straight away.

As always, feel free to drop me a DM at @LivviMusicMedia on Instagram if you’ve got any questions or thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

And don’t forget to download the handy resource I’ve created with all these AI prompts!

Keep on making a difference with your amazing podcast, entrepreneurs! Catch you in the next episode.


Download the ‘AI-Powered Podcasting Prompts’  here

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[00:00:00] As an entrepreneur and budding podcaster, you might find it a bit overwhelming to have to think of all the content ideas, all the. [00:00:10] Titles, all the show notes, all the SEO o, all the everything that goes into podcasting to optimize it and make it really, really work for you. But now [00:00:20] with ai, there is a lot of help you can get.

So I wanna go through with you today how I use AI to help me and help my clients [00:00:30] with managing their podcasts. So stick around, there’s lots to learn. Hey, my name is Olivia. I’m dedicated to helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs [00:00:40] turn their dreams into reality by building a career and a life they love and making a positive impact in the world.

I’m a podcast and social media manager, a singer [00:00:50] songwriter, a kids music creator, ata, a wife and a mom. I’m the. Secret weapon behind many six and seven figure entrepreneurs helping them [00:01:00] shine, line and call in the people they are here to serve. And now I’m here to help you. This podcast is here to help you learn and be inspired.

You’ll learn about podcasting, lead [00:01:10] generation, business, and all about the real life stories of people behind the businesses. Just like you think of it as a place to hang out with your like-minded business bestie who gets what it’s [00:01:20] like. So grab a cup and hit subscribe so we can hang out. Again, this is Magnetic Pod, the podcast[00:01:30]


[00:01:40] before we it hit subscribe so that you don’t miss any of the. Tips and tricks and inspiration to help you with your business. Now, we’ll let you know that I have a [00:01:50] download to go with this so it has in it all the prompts that I use that will really help you. So check the show notes and you can download that for free.

Now, when you’ve got a [00:02:00] podcast, you need to make sure that you’ve got, going to have enough content ideas to last you for a year. Say ideally, if you’re doing a podcast once a week [00:02:10] is. Ultimately the best for momentum so that people get to know you and get to expect to get a podcast from you every week.

However, I do [00:02:20] also believe that what is manageable for you is also needs to be factored in into that. But let’s say you are planning to do a weekly podcast. Then you can start with a [00:02:30] prompt that can make sure that you’ve got at least 50 podcast episodes so that you know you’ve got enough for a whole year and maybe you can take a couple of weeks off.

So, uh, a pod, [00:02:40] a prompt that I’d used for that would be my podcast is about insert topic. My ideal client is insert [00:02:50] ideal client. Their main pain point and desires are, Insert those details. Please list 50 episode ideas that will appeal [00:03:00] to my ideal clients. And bang, you can get 50 episode ideas. So for me, for example, my podcast is about entrepreneurship.

[00:03:10] My ideal client is mainly, not solely, but mainly female entrepreneurs. Their pain point is that they need to consistently show up [00:03:20] online. They’re often time poor and they need help to be able to make it a lot more manageable and effective and to drive leads. Please list 50 episode [00:03:30] ideas that would appeal.

To this kind of a person. Now, this gives you so many great ideas that it gives you the confidence that you know that you can get started. You can batch record your [00:03:40] first one or two months and away you go. But I still believe that the human element is important. I still believe in going around with your [00:03:50] lens of thinking of.

Content ideas and to think of the things that actually happen in your life as well. Because you don’t want to just have a podcast that’s just [00:04:00] a generic, same as everybody else podcast with generic input that AI gain gives you. It’s how you use ai, AI that matters, I believe so, I [00:04:10] think it can be incredibly valuable to give you a whole heap of ideas and sometimes the ideas that give you, that it will give you will actually just spark.

You to think of something [00:04:20] else on a slightly different tangent, or it might prompt you to say, oh, I like this idea, but I want it to be specifically for people that are in this particular situation. [00:04:30] And you can kind of have a bit of a conversation from there with your AI and get more ideas, but it, it is a really quick way to get lots of really good ideas, really [00:04:40] targeted to your target audience really, really quickly.

So I have that prompt in my download and it’s got inserted in there where to put [00:04:50] your particular specific points so you can grab that from the show notes. But like as I was saying, this is not about just handing the reins over to AI [00:05:00] completely. Sometimes I’ll think of a situation that’s happened with my client or something that I’m doing for myself that’s helpful.

Like for example, this particular [00:05:10] episode is because I’m noticing that I’m using these prompts and they’re really valuable and they’re really helpful. So I thought, Hey, I should make an episode about it. So it wasn’t from [00:05:20] an AI prompt, it was from the fact that I prompt ai. So yes, just also keep those personal ideas from your [00:05:30] actual life, uh, in mind as well.

So once you’ve got all those ideas, then you can pluck out the ones that you are ready to start working on, and you can feed them back to ai. So you might [00:05:40] write something like, please write a podcast script on. Insert episode title that it’s given you or that you’ve changed to suit yourself. [00:05:50] Please start with a powerful hook that will relate to a pain point or desire that relates to my ideal client.

And then away you go, and then you can get show notes written again. [00:06:00] It’s a starting point. It can give you lots of, um, really helpful. A great, it can give you a great outline. It could give you great [00:06:10] content ideas to put in your episode, but I actually think it’s most valuable when it comes through your.

Lens and your experience of [00:06:20] what you’ve actually done in your life. I know that I like to share from what I know has helped people in the real world and that what I’ve actually done and that I can speak in an authentic [00:06:30] way, and that also that you can include in your scripts ideas and things that happened in your life.

So then it’s a bit of, there’s a bit of [00:06:40] personal touch of. And storytelling woven into into it, which AI can’t really do for you. It can do storytelling, but it [00:06:50] can’t tell your story unless you tell it. Obviously all about yourself. But I think it’s about weaving your personal touch and using AI [00:07:00] as a tool to help your workflow go a lot faster.

Okay, so the next thing that chat gpt or. [00:07:10] An AI tool can help you with is show notes, so you can take a transcript, so there’s different platforms like Otta or [00:07:20] various ones or some of the actual distribution. Recording. A podcast like Riverside FM can give you a transcript so you can use that transcript and you can [00:07:30] feed it to chatt.

Or notion ai. I use a notion sometimes as well. I have found with chat G B T it can be kind of annoying [00:07:40] if you put a transcript into it and it won’t accept the whole thing. Although more recently I’ve, uh, resubscribed cuz I experimented with subscribing and not, [00:07:50] so I’m subscribed at the moment to chat G B T as in paying for it and I put in a longer than usual.

Transcript and it accepted it. So hopefully it keeps doing that. But it [00:08:00] can be annoying that it doesn’t always accept along the trans, uh, a transcript. And sometimes I’ve done part one, part two, part three by four. I’ve found that it does about 15 minutes worth [00:08:10] is pretty safe. But then you have to say, give, given those four parts, please do the thing.

So another tip that you can do, if you find that annoying chat, d p [00:08:20] t does say, and I’ve played with it without much success, it says that it can also accept. PDFs uploaded to it, like Shared as a Dropbox Link or, or a Google [00:08:30] Doc. But I have found that it’s gone off and written things that are not anything to do with the transcripts, uh, supplied.

So I would use, if you wanna be able to [00:08:40] do it in one, go and share a transcript for AI to help you with, uh, notion. I use Notion and it doesn’t have any of those limitations. Okay. So, [00:08:50] Show notes. Here’s a prompt that I would use for show notes. I will caveat this, caveat, caveat, caveat this by saying [00:09:00] that for my clients, I actually listen to their whole podcast anyway because they are paying me and they are trusting me to do the best for [00:09:10] them, and I am not willing to to trust ai.

To do, to to do a perfect job or to [00:09:20] necessarily represent what they’ve said in the best way possible. It is a great shortcut, and especially if you’ve done the podcast yourself and you wanna do the show, show notes, you will have the knowledge in your head about what’s [00:09:30] in the podcast and you’ll know with.

If what you’re getting is good, but I’ll make sure that I listen to it so that I know that it’s covered the points that I feel are definitely, uh, [00:09:40] important and that it’s got the feel and the personality that I want in there. And also there’ll be things like, for me, answer, doing it for clients. There’ll be, uh, some, sometimes the [00:09:50] podcast will say, oh, I’ll put a link for that in the show notes and, or something like that.

And so I have to know about that. Okay, so let’s get to the prompt. The prompt I [00:10:00] use is, Based on this script, cuz you could just give them the script that you’re planning to use and even everything will accept that because it won’t be too long. Right? [00:10:10] So based on this script or transcript, depending on which way you wanna go, please write the episode description for this podcast.

I’ll come back to [00:10:20] the reason I said episode description. Please start with a powerful hook to instantly appeal to a pain point or desire the listener is experiencing. Please use [00:10:30] a friendly conversational tone. Please list the main points that were covered in this episode. Here is the script, and then I’ll put a colon and then into the script [00:10:40] or the transcript.

So going back to the reason I said episode description is because sometimes when I’ve said, please write the show notes, it writes it [00:10:50] like a script or does some strange thing. So if I say it’s an episode description, which is basically what show notes are, then it writes something that I actually want.[00:11:00]

Sometimes it gets it right with just saying, calling it show notes, but sometimes it gives you some other weird thing. It translates show notes as being something different to what I mean, episode titles and tags. [00:11:10] This is so good. Okay, so a prompt for episode titles is that, again, you can feed it your script or the transcript and say, based on [00:11:20] this podcast transcript, please suggest attention grabbing podcast episodes that are s e o optimized.

So good. And then it’ll give you a [00:11:30] list to choose from, which you can either grab one of them or you can sort of pinch a bit from one of its suggestions and combine it with another [00:11:40] suggestion to create something slightly different. But it is someone to bounce ideas off and it’s incredibly helpful. Just that assistant that’s always there.

[00:11:50] And then again for tags. Now tags really important for. Optimizing for seo, your podcast. So, uh, you can [00:12:00] write something like this based on this podcast transcript or script, depending on what you’ve got to share. Please suggest tags that help boost SEO [00:12:10] of this podcast episode. And then I always add this line.

Please separate tags with commas and here is the transcript and then you share it. [00:12:20] So, uh, or you might need to keep sharing the transcript if this is all happening in one conversation, in in chat, C B T, for example. But I added that line of please separate [00:12:30] tags with commas because I found, initially it was doing it as a list and I was having to copy and paste and then turn a list with bullet points or [00:12:40] numbers into something separated by commas and I.

Why don’t I just get AI to do it? So that one little line that doesn’t seem like much just makes life a lot easier. [00:12:50] Tell it to give it to you the way you need it because that’s the way it’s accepted. In the platforms that I use anyway, I use Buzz Brown and then separated by commerce. So a note on that too [00:13:00] is also just run that through your own filter of your ideas of things that you wanna rank for.

You might include some of your own tags. Things that [00:13:10] you definitely wanna make sure you get searched for, but it’s such a great tool and such a great time saver. So basically, those are the main ways [00:13:20] that I use AI in my workflow with managing podcasts. Let me know if you’ve got any questions. You can send me a DM at Livi Music [00:13:30] Media on Instagram.

So it’s L I V V I, music media. All no spaces or underscores or anything, and I would love to hear from you. [00:13:40] And like I said, there’s a download with all these prompts that you can get using straight away. So head to the show notes for that and let me know what you wanna know more about for next time. See ya.[00:13:50]

I am here and I’m.[00:14:00] [00:14:10]