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JUNE 14, 2022

E20 How to Make Money from Video with Tina Harris

How to make money from video

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Video is huge right now. It is being pushed by all of the algorithms on all of the social media platforms. If you’re wanting to know about video and how you can use it as part of your income machine, this show is for you.

In this episode I interview Tina Harris, best known as Lah-Lah from the popular Australian children’s band, ‘Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band’. 

For the first half of 2022, due to personal events, Tina and her husband Mark Harris were unable to work. 

This gave them the opportunity to discover that the video income machine that they had set up over the pandemic really did work. They continued to have an income from their YouTube channel, online membership courses and their Stripy Sock Club Online membership. 


In this episode we discuss: 


  • Why video is so important
  • How to make money from video
  • Understanding the needs of your ideal clients and how to serve them
  • How to set up video income streams
  • What works and doesn’t work on YouTube
  • How video can be used with podcasting


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[00:00:00] Hey friend video is huge these days. It is being pushed by all of the algorithms on all of the social media platforms. If you’re wanting to know about video and how you can use it as part of your income machine, this show is for you. Or if you want to know the best way to incorporate video with your podcast.

[00:00:19] In this episode, I’m chatting with my friend mentor and client, Tina Harris, she’s best known as Lah-Lah from ‘Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band’, a hugely popular children’s band [00:00:30] in Australia. I have learned so much about video, video creation and how YouTube works from Tina and her husband, mark AKA Buzz the Bandleader in ‘Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band’.

[00:00:41] So stick around there is so much gold in today’s episode. Welcome to magnetic pod. If you were looking to attract your sole clients while doing the work you love, this show is for you. Ha I’m Olivia to SU. I’m a podcast manager and content repurposing specialist. The magnetic pod show is about attracting your [00:01:00] sole pod of clients through podcasting.

[00:01:02] It will also include things that can be applied to other areas of your marketing strategy, too. Kids subscribe to join me in calling the people we are here to help let’s make a massive impact. I am here and I’m ready. Be brave. Miss me. I’ll stand on every stage I’m available for my destiny to Hey friend.

[00:01:28] Welcome to [00:01:30] episode 20. The first episode of season two, I have so many great people lined up to learn from this season. So as well as showing you how to generate leads and get your message out to the world through podcasting, which of course I love I’m now also going to include other lead generation and business boosting tips in this podcast.

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[00:02:08] Now here’s your show. Welcome Tina. Thanks li it’s very exciting to be here. Great to have you here. Welcome to magnetic pod. So I’ll introduce you. Uh, Tina is best known as Lala from the well known Australian. Children’s band Lala’s big live band and they have a very popular TV show on ABC [00:02:30] kids. And they’ve been on Nickelodeon and they’re also known around the world now would largely due to the incredible YouTube channel, which has 359,000 subscribers and 343 million video view.

[00:02:46] Molly . And in recent years, Tina and her husband, mark have created a program called courage on camera, where they teach and mentor entrepreneurs. [00:03:00] Uh, and I am one of them on how to create and use video to grow their business and revenue and create the life they three miles. And full disclosure. I have known Tina or sorry, it’s name dropping, but I like to do that.

[00:03:15] I have known Tina since I think 2018. Uh, at that stage I was, I was a children’s entertainer and I was also looking to do some more VA work. So I thought to myself who would be my absolute dream client, who would I love [00:03:30] for and I reached out to you. Uh, when you were doing the stripy sock club online crowd funding, actually, maybe that’s a good story.

[00:03:37] Do you wanna talk about crowd funding? Sure, sure. But I mean, I think that was, it was one of the nicest messages that I’ve ever received. So you, you were, and you were really great because you, you kind of went into the why you wanted to work with us. Um, and. You know, it was a great introduction to you and you were like, my name’s li you know, I’ve got, I’ve got a [00:04:00] little one, you know, I love the work that you do.

[00:04:02] And I really wanna work with you. These are my skill sets. How can I help you? And at the time it was just perfect because I needed some help. And I think sometimes we don’t take risks in our business when there’s something that we really want to do, or someone we really wanna work with. Today, you can just reach out on Instagram or Facebook and send them a direct message and actually speak to the person you wanna speak to.

[00:04:29] And I think it’s an [00:04:30] opportunity that as business owners, we should really take advantage of more. I know it’s so easy to connect these days. So the only barrier is in your mind, there’s, there’s nothing to lose from asking, especially if you’re going to offer what I did was offer I think three or four hours of free VA work.

[00:04:47] And you were doing the. Crowd funding for which is just incredible. You had to, how much money did you have to try and raise yourself? And you did it for crowd funding. It was a funny thing. Look, I think I’m, I’m a big [00:05:00] believer in following the upward shift and listening to what the universe is putting in your path.

[00:05:06] And at the time we were about to make the stripy sock club online. It was really early on stages. And I’d, I’d had that thing where I’d had a number of meetings with the national broadcaster. They were interested, but it was difficult at that time to get them to commit to the project. And we had some funding from [00:05:30] the, a C TF, the Australian children’s television foundation.

[00:05:33] So we’d had enough to kind of put the initial concept Bible or pitch document together, but we, we knew that we were gonna have a gap in funding. Of about $300,000. Like I think the total budget we needed to raise about 750 K was pretty close to a million dollars by the end of the, the whole production.

[00:05:51] But we had a gap of about 300 K that we needed to fill. And so my idea was to go out and run this Whopper of a crowdfunding [00:06:00] campaign. And I kind of did the math on it. You know, if we have so many Lala fans, I’ve got this many people on my database, then I should be able to go and raise. 300 K and having I’d run a little crowdfunding campaign years before, and we’d raise like $10,000, but I’d never done anything of this magnitude.

[00:06:19] And I didn’t at the time. This is so me. I always jump in before I actually understand things properly. I didn’t understand the amount of work you’re meant to do in preparation before a [00:06:30] crowdfunding campaign. And what happened was we hit a target of $103,000. Which was actually amazing, like that was just so epic, so great.

[00:06:43] It was the right number to peak the interest of both screen Australia who then gave us funding. And also the ABC who came on board and acquired the program, but it didn’t [00:07:00] reach the 300 K goal. But what we found out later was if we had raised the 300 K. The ABC wouldn’t have been able to buy the show because it would’ve, we would’ve raised too much money from an external party.

[00:07:16] It did wouldn’t have met the, the rules of the charter. And so in a way, at the time I was disappointed. Like I was excited, but disappointed, but it actually. It was the right thing for us at that time. And then I had to go and find another lateral [00:07:30] solution, which ended up being better in the long run. So yeah, it was, it was a really interesting campaign to run and something that, yeah, I wouldn’t advise people get into , but it did, it did actually come together with a great result.

[00:07:47] And I think it built a real sense of community and it really engaged our audience in helping us create that show. Wow. You’re certainly a very good person for having, uh, big, hairy goals. [00:08:00] oh yeah. Look, I think sometimes having that, that big, hairy goal is a blessing and a curse. And I, you know, like I said, I do often jump in.

[00:08:09] I, I follow the passion. I follow. The the drive forward. And I don’t think about all the little obstacles in between and maybe that’s a good thing, because if I knew all the hard stuff, then maybe I wouldn’t do it. So you have analysis paralysis, you just get there, figure it out. [00:08:30] So it’s a good time to reach out to you at the time, because you were like, I’ve got all these people and I need help with the messaging.

[00:08:36] Uh, alright. So lately you’ve been doing teaching around video making with your courage on camera. Mastermind and succeed programs. So what made you decide to head in that direction? Well, two things, one, one in particular is that people always come to me and ask for help and advice. And, you know, a week wouldn’t go by where I’d get an email or a phone call from someone [00:09:00] saying, Hey, could, would you mind just having a quick look at what I’m doing in my business?

[00:09:03] Or in the online space because, um, you know, I love what you’ve done with Lala and I love the messaging and, and the videos you’re creating. And I just really need a help with my YouTube channel, or I really need help with this, or I really need help with that. And it was actually starting to take up quite a bit of time and take me out of my own business.

[00:09:22] And, um, I was actually talking to peace and Katie from, um, Oz mums, and they were like, Tina, you really should be charging for this. And I’m like, yeah, I really [00:09:30] should. So there was kind of a natural progression, um, And I really like helping people. So, so that felt like a good fit at the time. And the other thing is I’m getting older.

[00:09:39] I have a Whopper of a birthday coming up and the joke has always been, you know, do I wanna be jumping around in stripy socks in my fifties? Um, because I do think that there’s, there’s a kind of like, there is a little bit of a, um, it’s, it’s unfair. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is for women. There is a bit of a, a, a timeframe where, um, [00:10:00] It’s not as believable that you are the, the young kind of, um, ah, epi VESC bubbly, Lala jumping around there is a, there is a point where I think, um, Lala could get quite ridiculous.

[00:10:14] So I’m still, I’m just in that crossover period at the moment of loving, jumping around on stage and having fun with the kids, but also knowing that, you know, there is, I, I need to look at what I wanna do in the second stage of my life. And, and that really is mentoring and helping. [00:10:30] Although, I love the idea of busting some of those limitations that we.

[00:10:36] That we perceive or that something, well, I’m not gonna go out gracefully. I am gonna go out kicking and screaming that’s for sure do actually, um, I getting any younger, this is the joke at the moment that my band actually looks older than the OG wiggles already now.

[00:10:57] Oh. But we talked about recasting and what it would be [00:11:00] like having a different Lala and a different band and. You know, I just, I don’t know. I think some of the magic of, of the original band is that we are this group of friends who kind of decided to start something together and we just love each other’s company and hanging out.

[00:11:16] So yeah, that’s, that’s kind of the magic, I think it is, I guess. But then again, the wiggles managed it, I guess. So you never know. So do you wanna describe in your own words, what you share and what you teach with school programs? [00:11:30] Well, I guess I, I help. Solo printers, small businesses be seen and heard with their messaging.

[00:11:38] And usually that will come back to involving video and video is the most powerful medium out there at the moment. I mean, everything is powered by video. Um, you know, Instagram, uh, Facebook, even LinkedIn’s now powered by video. Uh, YouTube is, is, you know, the, the golden Necca of [00:12:00] video. It. Everyone is on YouTube pretty much every day.

[00:12:03] And so I think video is such an important part of our world. And if you are not using it in your business, then you are really leaving money on the table. So it’s really about helping people embrace video as a medium and having a bit of fun with it. So, what are some of the ways that people can use video to generate income?

[00:12:23] There are so many different ways that people can use video to generate income. I think look, the first [00:12:30] thing is for people to realize that social media vanity metrics. Are a thing and that you don’t wanna get caught up in that. So it’s great to have 10,000 followers on Instagram, a hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

[00:12:44] If those people aren’t actually coming across into your business and spending money with you, then they’re not really your ideal customer. So a lot of the work that we do is really identifying that ideal avatar, looking at their pain points and seeing how you can solve their problem [00:13:00] with your unique IP.

[00:13:02] Um, and that. A super fun thing that, um, I help my clients work with. Um, and so it’s really about getting that messaging and that branding right. And creating offers. Simple offers that your customers want to come and buy with you. Now that might be a short online course that might be creating content for your membership site that might be creating videos for your YouTube channel, whatever it is, it might be helping [00:13:30] create things to drive people from your social media, across to your mailing list.

[00:13:34] It’s really about finding ways to monetize all of your brilliant ideas. Would you like to talk about YouTube? What do you think are the keys to success on YouTube? Wow. Okay. So YouTube, it is a big beast and it’s changing, um, at the moment, which is actually a really interesting time to be in YouTube. I think for kids creators, it’s an exciting [00:14:00] time because YouTube seems to be figuring things out and there was a big dip in revenue about 18 months ago.

[00:14:06] That’s starting to correct again. So. That’s exciting. So people who are making children’s videos are starting to see more return on their views and the advertising dollars that are spent on children’s video. So that’s great. Oh, wow. Is that to do with, so anyone who’s into children’s music as, as the short version of it is there was some sort of lawsuit a few years ago, wasn’t it?

[00:14:29] And then, [00:14:30] and, and, and. Basically children’s creators ended up paying the price of the restrictions around what’s made for children. Is that, so the percentage that children is that being changed, it’s changing. Yeah. It is changing. It’s quite dramatic. The change that it’s had over the last year or so, so that’s very exciting.

[00:14:49] So in the kids’ space, it’s all about trending content. It’s about looking at the top tier nursery rhymes, making content that’s on brand with who you are, and also following the trends and. [00:15:00] Feeding your channel with videos that the algorithm likes, if you are in the adult space, it’s really, again, you’re following trends.

[00:15:08] So looking at videos, finding your voice. Creating that fan base of people who wanna keep coming back to you. And again, following trends or having searchable video topics that are entertaining and engaging. If you’re making a boring video on YouTube, it won’t do well. So it’s gotta have some of that entertainment value, [00:15:30] something that will give you a little bit of a celebrity kick or a little bit of a boost with those videos.

[00:15:35] They’ve gotta be. They do have to be fun and they do have to be interesting to look at don’t they, because absolutely. Uh, one of the, the second episode I, I did was, uh, I talked about YouTube for podcasting in this, um, in this podcast magnetic pod. And because I do find that sometimes as someone who helps people with podcast, people ask, oh, I wanna be everywhere.

[00:15:58] And I wanna put it on YouTube. And [00:16:00] now that I’ve learnt, you know, through being associated with you, I’ve learned so much about YouTube and I know. If you just do a recording on Zencaster or zoom or whatever, and you just have two talking heads talking for 20, 30 minutes or whatever, and just put it on YouTube.

[00:16:15] It’s not visually. No, it won’t do well because it’s not even though the content that you’re probably talking about is really interesting to your audience. It won’t do well because it’s visually not stimulating to the audience. So you’ve gotta be, [00:16:30] um, you’ve gotta be clever about the way you shoot it, um, and where you are.

[00:16:35] Make sure you’ve got good lighting. Make sure you’ve got great sound and be really engaging on camera. That’s really the key. But having said that. Podcasts are. And these videos that you’re making, um, with your podcasts are a great way to create extra material for quotes, doing little video, uh, reels with quote cards over the top, chopping up little bits and pieces that you can use for audio grabs.

[00:16:59] It’s a great way to [00:17:00] actually. Make content that you can then repurpose in lots of different ways. Ah, yes. Well, that’s one of the main things major things I do is you get all this valuable content, I’ll cut it up and turn it into reels and tos and absolutely highlights for sure. It’s a waste otherwise to miss that opportunity.

[00:17:17] Um, So ways to monetize YouTube. Oh gosh. Um, yes, so many. Well, I mean, I think the first thing is that YouTube is the most amazing [00:17:30] funnel. So YouTube has its own audience and the algorithm dishes up your video in front of new people all the time. So people who are subscribed have clicked the little bell, they’ll get a notification when you put a new video up, but the power of YouTube is actually not your subscribers.

[00:17:47] It’s this new audience that YouTube’s gonna show your video to. So I think something that a lot of people leave, they, a lot of people leave this and they, and they really need to kind of spend a lot of time on it is when you go to the comment section below [00:18:00] where the descriptions are, Always make sure that you’ve got a product that you are selling, or you are leading people back to a lead magnet where they can download something.

[00:18:10] You wanna actually funnel people from YouTube over to your mailing list or over to a direct product that you are about to sell them. That’s a really great way to, to do that. There’s ad revenue, but again, your channel needs to be monetized first. So make sure you’ve got your thousand subscribers and your watch hours up.

[00:18:27] Um, and look, you can also [00:18:30] do affiliate. From your YouTube channel. I mean, there are so many different ways that you can use YouTube to start drip, feeding, passive video income into your business. So it’s a look, it’s a great platform, great medium, slightly different rules between kids and adults to do with advertising.

[00:18:45] But, um, it look, it really does work for both. Wonderful. Actually, you found that it helped you this year. Didn’t you, you had you, you and mark had a few things happen where you couldn’t do the work that you planned to do. Yeah, we had crap year, [00:19:00] complete crap, complete crap start of the year coming out of COVID it’s been tricky because our business used to be 90%.

[00:19:09] Live face to face. And then during COVID we flipped the business model. So then it became 90% online. And what was really interesting was the beginning of the first six months of this year, we weren’t able to do any well it’s. Yeah, it’s even more than six months now weren’t able to do any live concerts.

[00:19:25] So that meant that our video income machine, which was basically all of our passive videos that [00:19:30] we’d set up in that kind of two year period had to. The workload for our business. And it was amazing to actually sit back and watch. And the, the two membership platforms, the online courses that we’ve got, the Spotify, the YouTube, there was all enough momentum with all of them, that they were able to maintain the income into the company and keep paying us a salary through that first six months.

[00:19:57] And I have to say I, [00:20:00] I was amazed and very excited to see. The machine does work. If it was left alone completely, which we had to do take our foot off the gas for six months. It still went. Now, the great thing is we can get back into it now and the more we feed it, the better it performs, but just left on its own.

[00:20:18] It was still working. So that was, that was a really exciting discovery. That’s reassuring, isn’t it? Yeah. and it gives you all the more confidence for what it is that you’re teaching. I mean, that just, well, I [00:20:30] think also it’s that thing of when you have some success, it makes you believe in what you’re doing more and it just, it fills up your cup.

[00:20:37] So you, you are able to re-energize yourself and look, we’re, we’re the same as our students, we have highs and lows with work. And when you are working for yourself, you have to. Motivate yourself. You have to try and hit your targets, stay on track. And, and it’s tough. You know, being a solopreneur is tough.

[00:20:56] So it really is about having some wins along the way and celebrating the [00:21:00] wins so that you can keep doing what you do. . So what is the biggest problem that you find most people have that come to you? I think it’s a lack of knowledge. So people think that making videos is gonna be hard and that the tech is hard.

[00:21:15] The tech is frustrat. The tech can be really annoying and look just even getting onto this podcast today, my microphone wasn’t working properly and it took a little bit of tweaking to get it right. But the thing with the tech is there’s always a solution. [00:21:30] So you don’t have to go and have a fancy camera and a fancy lighting rig and all the rest, you can actually do a shoot.

[00:21:36] And I did one yesterday. On my iPhone. I shot in 4k in the lounge room with, you know, two ring lights and a big sheet that I blocked off the side window to. And the videos that came out are great, that they sound good. They look good. And. It’s that simple. So it doesn’t have to be hard. I think that’s the main thing.

[00:21:58] I think the hardest thing for people is [00:22:00] when they come to our program is they don’t know where to start with the content. So that’s something that we really help people work out what their genius zone is, what their unique offer is and help them package that up. actually, that’s a similar thing that I find with, with podcasting too.

[00:22:17] It’s that initial fear and overwhelm with where to start and, and the tech as well. And it’s once you actually face it and deal with it, everything is not as scary as, as it is in your head before you’ve actually [00:22:30] gone ahead and dealt with it and done the learning. Yeah. And the practice makes perfect people think that they’ll, they’ll get the information and then everything’s just going to flow.

[00:22:41] It actually takes a little bit of time to get your hands on the tools, to, to troubleshoot a few things, to work things out. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. And it really is about getting rid of the, the fear factor. And, and you do that by practicing mm-hmm, get in there and do it. So before we wrap up, [00:23:00] is there anything else that you’d like to share with us that we didn’t cover?

[00:23:04] Um, If anyone’s got kids, you do have a big deal coming up next month. I know with Lala’s big life. That’s right. So next is our birthday month and it’s Lala’s birthday month and it’s also my birthday month. So we’re celebrating together. And we’re doing a special online birthday concept with buzz and [00:23:30] Lala.

[00:23:30] And that’s specifically the members of the stripy sock club online. So the stripy sock club online was our COVID love project. And it’s where we put all of the videos that we’ve made over the last 13 years onto one platform. So it’s kind of like a Lala Netflix, and it’s got a whole lot of download activities and worksheets, and it’s great for.

[00:23:50] And educators who are looking for things to do with kids. And it’s also got all of our videos and we make a whole lot of new videos and pop them up as well. But that, yes, the big birthday party [00:24:00] is coming up. So I’m a bit excited about that. So that’ll be good fun. And for anyone who maybe doesn’t have little toddlers, but maybe wants to.

[00:24:09] Find out how to get better with video and how to use video to help their business. Yeah. Come on. Say hi on, um, Instagram. I love meeting new people and connecting with new people. So it’s Tina LA I know crazy name. So T I N a L a H on Instagram and Tina do AU on Facebook. [00:24:30] Wonderful. We will put the links in the show notes.

[00:24:32] Thank you so much for joining me today, Tina. Thank you, levy. Thank you. So what were your key takeaways from today? Did it raise any questions? What would you like to know more about? Let me know you can contact me via social media or email or join my free Facebook community magnetic pod. I don’t care which way you use.

[00:24:51] Just reach out to me. I’d love to chat with. And remember you can get access to lots of free podcast resources. That’ll help you get started [00:25:00] or help you improve your podcast at living music, hit subscribe, cuz I wanna see you again, but for now go forth. Be the awesome person you are.

[00:25:11] Live the life you want to live and have fun. You’ve got this. See you next time.[00:25:30]