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JUNE 14, 2022

E18 Five Tips for Better Podcast Interviews

Olivia de Sousa Podcast Consultant

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If you are going to do podcast interviews, as a guest or a host, here are my five top tips that will make a huge difference in making sure they go as smoothly as possible! 

In this episode I discuss: 

  • Internet connection
  • Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Interference
  • Maximising sound quality


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[00:00:00] Hi friends. I’m here today to give you five tips for making sure that your podcast interview goes as smoothly as possible. So if you are going to be a guest or you are going to have podcast guests, this is for you. Stick around to the end. I have five simple tips that will make life a lot easier for you.

[00:00:20] Welcome to magnetic pod. If you were looking to attract your sole clients while doing the work you love, this show is for you hack I’m Olivia to SU. I’m a [00:00:30] podcast manager and content repurposing specialist. The magnetic pod show is about attracting your sole pod of clients through podcasting. It will also include things that can be applied to other areas of your marketing strategy, too.

[00:00:42] Hit subscribe to join me in calling the people we are here to help. Let’s make a massive impact. I am here and I’m brave. Miss I’ll stand on every stage available for destiny [00:01:00] to all. So. Before we get into it. Remember hit subscribe. So you don’t miss any of the tips and strategies to get more leads for your business.

[00:01:12] From podcasting actually, and stage tune, I will be covering more lead generation tools besides podcasting as well. So do make sure you hit the subscribe button and come on the journey with me. So here are five tips to make your life easier. You will thank me. Okay. Number [00:01:30] one, ethernet cable. I’m actually not sure if it’s ethernet or ethernet to be, I think it’s ethernet ethernet cable.

[00:01:37] Now these days we are so used to being mobile and we have our mobile phones. There was time a while back where I had to do a whole lot of interviews. And I was swearing at the computer, swearing at the internet because there was all that freezing stop. Stuff happening. And my wonderful tech head husband [00:02:00] came along with an ethernet cable and plugged my laptop into it.

[00:02:03] Now I’ve been so used to the laptop lifestyle, mobile sitting, wherever I want in the house type of thing that I had kind of forgotten about that being a thing. And it’s a game changer. It is so important. Definitely these days. podcasting doing interviews, even in Facebook groups or wherever you do them, you need the internet, you need it to work, get an ethernet cable, [00:02:30] sort it out.

[00:02:30] I know sometimes we can be a bit technophobe about it, but really just plug it into your router. And from there to your computer, if you are like me and you. Apple Mac with the USB sea ports. Now all these tiny little neat ports and not only other options that used to be available to plug into a few years back, you need to get an adapter.[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] Now, in my experience, I have found that getting a, a simple adapter that does one thing has worked better than getting those doggle that have multiple. ports that you can plug into it. If you just get a, a single adapter that just does the one thing. So it’s just your ethernet cable straight into the USBC in your computer.

[00:03:27] Just keep it simple. That works the [00:03:30] most smoothly. So just get those things. And really, I spent recently. I had an interview to do for somebody, a lovely lady. And I had said, please have an ethernet cable. And she said, I don’t have one. And we said, okay, we’ll just try our, like, What happened is we spent about 40 to 45 minutes, stopped, starting, trying different things while she moved around in the house.

[00:03:58] And sometimes I [00:04:00] could hear her, but for this particular job, actually I needed to get the video and the video needed to be good. Uh, and it just kept freezing and we didn’t get anywhere and we’ve still gotta reschedule. And these things happen. And if you’ve managed to get a, a guest that you’ve been really looking forward to getting lined up, or you just wanna have.

[00:04:18] Your schedule sorted and your podcast out in time, get an ethernet cable and ask you, get guests to get one. And if you both have it, you have a much, it’s not guaranteed, but you [00:04:30] have a much higher chance that it just works. That there’s less interference from anything else going on in the house, or, you know, anything that can interview with the internet, getting it plugged in workspace.

[00:04:42] Okay. So I think I made that point. Number two, get a micro. If you want to do podcast guesting, if you wanna have guests, if you have a podcast by the bullet, get yourself a microphone. In my show notes, I have the [00:05:00] mine must have tech lists. So you can download that and see exactly what to get. You can get a good microphone, just a simple USB one that plugs straight into your computer for less than $200.

[00:05:12] Uh, speaking of which I would also recommend again, if you get. uh, plug it into a USBC on your Mac. Uh, sometimes you find you get the microphone, it’s got the old style USB and you can get a replacement cord. You can buy a [00:05:30] cord that just plugs straight into, that’s got the right end. That’ll plug into your Mac.

[00:05:34] So you may need to get that cable as well. Okay. So number three is lighting. Now this is if there is a video element to your podcast. So if that that’s the case, then. down. Lights are very unflattering. If you’ve ever looked at video of yourself or a photo, and it was taken inside the house and you feel a bit bad because you don’t like how you look.[00:06:00]

[00:06:00] Remember, you’ve probably got down lights in your house. And what tends to happen is that you get a light on your nose and you get shadows under your eyes and you get a light on your chin and. All the wrong bits are all being highlighted. It’s not you. It’s the lighting. So you need an even light on your face.

[00:06:20] So if you can get in front of a window with clear sunlight on your face, not behind you, because then your face will be dark and you’ll be a [00:06:30] silhouette, uh, or. Even be even better. A ring light ring lights are so flattering and that’s on my must have take list too, that my favorite ring lights and specifications.

[00:06:42] So that is my recommendation as far as lighting, if you have a video, because even if you are not going to use the whole video, you might use snippets of it to promote your podcast. So it’s nice to get the lighting, right? So. What have we done so far? Ethernet cable [00:07:00] microphone, three lighting. So number four, notifications, turn off anything that goes ping.

[00:07:07] So close your browser down. Make sure that Facebook is closed. Your emails are closed for that matter on your computer. Just close. Anything that you’re not using so that everything runs smoother and you don’t not slow your computer down and put your phone in, do not disturb mode because if anything makes the sound.

[00:07:26] particularly while someone’s speaking, then [00:07:30] your editor such as myself, for example, really can’t do anything about it. If it’s, if that sound happens while somebody’s speaking. So turn those things off. So next is number five, separate audio tracks in most platforms, possibly all of. most platforms will have an area where you can go into settings.

[00:07:55] So have a look around in zoom. You go into the recording [00:08:00] tab, uh, and you can click on an option to have two separate audio tracks. And the reason this matters is because if one person’s voice comes out. Fast and loud and strong. And the other one is not so loud. It’s all on one track. It might not be possible to really get it up to the standard.

[00:08:18] If you have two separate tracks, you can do a lot more about it. So just a simple little tick of a box will make your quality a lot better. Okay. So in summary, [00:08:30] the five things that I recommend to make. Podcast interviews go as smoothly as possible is one ethernet cable two, have a good quality microphone.

[00:08:43] Remember you can get some suggestions from my must. Have tech list three good lighting, even lighting on your face. If you have a video option four, turn off all your notifications. Put your phone on. Do not disturb five [00:09:00] separate audio tracks. So those are my five top tips for making sure that your podcast interview goes as smoothly as possible.

[00:09:09] It’ll make a big, big difference. So I’d love to hear how you go reach out to me, send me an email. Join my Facebook group magnetic pod, or send me a DM on LinkedIn or Instagram li music media, and, uh, make sure you subscribe so that I can connect with you in the next [00:09:30] episode. See you next time. Bye. I am here and be brave.

[00:09:36] Miss I’ll stand on every stage for, to

[00:09:49] Reach’s you pass on me. That’s a shame for you that I’m.