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MARCH 22, 2022

E14 How to Start a Podcast

(Part One)

E14 How to Start a Podcast (Part One)

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Are you thinking about starting a podcast and don’t know where to start? This episode is for you. 

There are 2 major aspects to sort out with starting a SUCCESSFUL podcast that helps you meet your goals, attract dream clients, generate leads and fulfils your desires and goals. 

Number one – sort out your strategy. 

Number two – sort out the ‘how to’. The nuts and bolts, technical side such as editing, publishing and all that goes with it. 

It is SUPER IMPORTANT to lay the foundations by getting clear and sorting out your strategy FIRST. That’s what today’s episode is about. Episode 15 will be part 2 in the series, and focus on the techy ‘nuts and bolts’ side. 

In this podcast I talk about: 

  • Your why
  • The different goals your podcast can meet
  • What approaches will help you meet which goal
  • Planning
  • Shownotes
  • Show format and frequency
  • Repurposing


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