Song Writing


I am an empath.


So that comes through in my music.


My lyrics let you know that I see, hear and feel you.


Perhaps they make you feel that I have read your mind and your heart.


I am letting you know that you are loved, and you matter.


I am spiritual.


Well, we are all spiritual. It’s just a matter of whether you live with that in mind or not. And I do.


My song writing is a mix of intuition (listening to my ‘inner-tutor’) and empathy (caring about the listener and what they are thinking and feeling).


A weird thing keeps happening.


I keep writing songs that connect to people’s heart and soul.


Multiple times I have written songs that have made people physically feel something (hopefully good – lol!).


Multiple times I have written songs that make people cry. This blows my mind


I believe I have a gift (we all do). 


Singing and song writing is mine. Sometimes I wonder why.


But I do believe gifts are to be used, celebrated, enjoyed, and shared. So that’s what I am doing. 


Enjoy x


Bespoke Song Writing


Would you like a song written for you? Your loved one? Your business? Your course? Your message?


I can create something powerful, impactful and unique.


Something to touch hearts.


Let’s talk! Drop me a line 

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Here are some examples of my work