I help entrepreneurs PROFIT from PODCASTING

Fed up with the hamster wheel of content creation, that has impact for one day and is then forgotten? 


Sick of trying to condense your message into 30 seconds or less? 


Are you ready to attract your ideal clients, who SEEK OUT and SUBSCRIBE to hear you speak about the thing you help people with? 


Podcasting is the answer! Podcast is the only platform left where people will listen to long form content. 

AND it’s a gold mine of content that written posts, carousels, quote card graphics and reels can be sourced from (I can help with ALL of that too). 


So it can actually REDUCE to content creation workload! 



Podcast episodes are seeds, which continue to pay your back for YEARS not minutes. 


Podcast listeners are the easiest leads to convert, as they usually have already decided they love you by the time they reach out. 


Create an intimate connection with your dream client. 


I help consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs to get clear on the strategy that will work to achieve their business (and personal) goals.


And I provide the done-for-you support, so that all you have to do is hit record, speak, and leave the rest to me. 


Got questions? Send an email to Livvi@LivviMusic.com 


Or even better, let’s get you moving right away. Book a one hour Strategy Session. We will work out a game plan to help you create a podcast that WORKS FOR YOU! . 

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Podcast client testimonial