Soul Song


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A song to express your highest vibration. A song to calibrate to. A song to manifest to. A song to activate and magnetize your people.

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Some Examples of Soul Leader Songs

Soul Songs for Soul Leaders

Branding | Calibrating | Transmission

Songs to express your highest vibration. Songs to calibrate to. Songs to manifest to. Songs to activate and magnetize your people. 

Everything is energy. 

Everything has a soul. Every soul has a song. Your creations, your courses, your circles have a soul song. 

I bring your soul song into being. 

When I create a song, it is not a project. It’s a calling. If is an energetic creation I am giving life to. 

They have a life force. Power. Energy. A mission. A soul. They are made with love for you. They are love. 

A song might turn out to be an anthem. A prayer. A fun pop song. 

Much like creating a child, that magic is revealed as the song is born. 

I just know that they will be what they are meant to be for you, to best deliver the power of your message, who you are, what you stand for. To represent you. 

The lyrics will carry the message of your soul. The tune and music help to make the message land with energy, power and emotion. 

These songs are soul songs. As a result, they are also branding songs. 



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