Let me get you started. The easy way

So you can get on with making great content on your podcast!

I’ll set you up on Anchor or a podcast distributor of your choice

I’ll write up a podcast description, get your intro put to music of your choice and create a trailer episode with show notes and links to your website and/or social media platforms.

PLUS, if you choose the option, I can create the podcast graphic for you (includes up to 2 revisions). You also get the Canva file so you can continue to tweak as you and your podcast evolve.

Then I’ll get it published and distributed to all the major podcast platforms:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Podcasts
  • Breaker
  • Castbox
  • Google Podcasts
  • Overcast
  • Pocket Casts
  • RadioPublic

Too busy to maintain your podcast? 

 Need help editing and managing your podcast? I can help with editing it. Select ‘Podcast/Audio editing’ below. 

If your podcast is recorded as a video, you can repurpose it to get tonnes of social media content. For that option, check out Shine Online. And reach out to me if you have any questions! 🙂 


Sarah Morrissey Little Rockers Radio

Olivia is a delight to work with.  If I could describe her in a few words it would be fast, detailed and professional.

Olivia initially put together a plan for interviews for Little Rockers Radio and quickly moved on to conducting these interviews for us, managing the entire process from set up, question development, recording & editing.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Morrissey
Little Rockers Radio