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APRIL 19, 2023

E11 S3 Embodied Feminine Leadership, Storytelling & Podcasting with Rebecca Wilson 

E09 S3 Embodied Feminine Leadership, Storytelling & Podcasting with Rebecca Wilson

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What if you could be so connected to your truth that you could deliver your message in a podcast WITHOUT NOTES?

Meet Rebecca Wilson, an incredible woman who is deeply passionate about feminine energy, embodiment, and helping others embrace their unique voices and create meaningful connections.

In this conversation, we explore the transformative power of podcasting and how it has helped Rebecca anchor into her body and wisdom. 

She shared how she trusts her intuition and allows things to flow naturally when recording her podcast, which is a beautiful reflection of her approach to feminine energy and embodiment. 

Incredibly, she has never listened to her own recordings, leaving it to her amazing team (that’s me!) to ensure everything is perfect. 

Rebecca also shared her journey to podcasting, revealing that for years she felt a nudge to start one but didn’t feel ready. It was only when the timing felt right and she truly embraced her unique way of communicating and connection to her body that her podcast came to life.

We also delved into the exciting mentorship and mastermind program that she has coming up. This six-month program is designed for women who want to level up in life, relationships, leadership, and creation. By combining group calls and individual sessions, the program offers a comprehensive and powerful experience rooted in feminine energy and embodiment.

In addition, we talked about The Village, a monthly community membership for women who want to dive deep into their feminine energy and connect with their bodies and wombs. This incredible community offers live ceremonies, access to courses, and recorded practices for members.

Our conversation was truly inspiring, and I can’t thank Rebecca enough for sharing her wisdom and experiences with us. Her unique approach to storytelling through podcasting is a testament to the power of connecting with one’s body and embracing feminine energy. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into today’s amazing conversation!

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[00:00:00] We’re not meant to be in summer all the time. We’re meant to have rest. We’re meant to have fallow, we’re meant to have winter. We’re meant to have the buds of spring, and when we live more in connection to that, we’re in connection to our feminine nature. We’re also in greater connection to nature as an energy, which is the life sustaining energy of creation.

[00:00:19] Even the cycles of creation. We’re not in one aspect of it all the time. We go through the spiral or the cycle, we only have to look at a pregnant woman to see that. Like [00:00:30] she’s not pregnant. She conceives. She gets the seed, she grows the seed, she blooms, she blooms, she blooms. Then she releases, she lets go, she births, and then she rests and restores.

[00:00:42] And that is the ultimate cycle of creation to create life, right? Mm-hmm. And so if we see that manifestation, It’s not full bloom all of the time. There is a cycle that happens there, and that is the piece that I guide women back into connection with or to remember. Hey, my name is Olivia [00:01:00] DeSouza. I’m dedicated to helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality by building a career and a life they love and making a positive.

[00:01:10] In the world. I’m the podcast and social media manager, a singer songwriter, a kid’s music creator, a Ishk, our wife and a mom. I’m the secret weapon behind many six and seven figure entrepreneurs, helping them shine a line and call in the people they are here to serve. And now I’m here to help you. This podcast is here to [00:01:30] help you learn and be inspired.

[00:01:31] You’ll learn about podcasting, lead generation business, and all about the real life stories of people behind the businesses. Just like you think of it as a place to hang out with your like-minded business bestie who gets what it’s like. So grab a cup and hit subscribe. So we can hang out. Again, this is Magnetic Pod, the podcast.

[00:01:51] I am here and I’m brave. Cannot miss me. I’ll stand on every stage. I’m.[00:02:00]

[00:02:08] Hey, friend, before we dive into today’s episode, remember to hit subscribe so you don’t miss any of the tips we share in Magnetic Pod on podcasting, lead generation and business boosting ideas. And remember, if you have or you are thinking about starting a podcast, head over to my slash freebies.

[00:02:27] I have loads and loads of free resources and [00:02:30] templates that will help you get started. The link is in my show notes. Now, here’s your. Hello, Rebecca, welcome. Thanks for being here today. Hi, Liv. It’s so good to be together. It is. It’s been a while since we’ve had a face-to-face chat, even if it is over the internet.

[00:02:47] I know. Yeah. Okay, well, I’ll introduce you. So Rebecca Wilson is a client of mine. I help her with her podcast and she’s a feminine embodiment coach. [00:03:00] She supports and guides women to awaken the creative power and potency of their womb spaces to birth their vision. Purpose creations, art, business, relationships, and life from an awakened, rooted and grounded feminine energy.

[00:03:16] Her offerings carry a potent, uh, chemical energy that support women to transform their limitations into awakened expression. She guides women back to. Interconnection with their bodies and alignment with their feminine [00:03:30] energy, inner truth, wisdom, pleasure, and creative power. I’d love to learn more about that, Rebecca.

[00:03:37] It’s so fascinating to me. So can you explain a bit about what all this means? What, what is embodiment to you? So embodiment for me is, Living life or experiencing life through the felt sense of our body. So rather than experiencing life through thoughts or the mind, it’s a piece of [00:04:00] being attuned to those subtle currents of energy and emotion and expression in connection to the body, and deeper than that in connection to self.

[00:04:11] So whatever we. Experience in life or whatever relational experience we’re having, whether it’s with nature or another human, we are connected to ourselves and through that, connected to another. So with the work you do, I gather you, [00:04:30] you believe in spirituality. Would that be fair to say? It sounds like it has that component.

[00:04:36] Yeah. And so if we, sorry, that’s just fascinating to me. , if. Where you’re coming from and you’re saying to be connected to the body. What role does the body play in that? Is it a way of connecting to that guidance and to that wisdom? Yeah, I mean it’s, I hear what you’re saying in, well, I think I do.

[00:04:52] Anyway, it’s a really interesting piece because a lot of. Spiritual teachings and spiritual texts have historically been about [00:05:00] transcending the body, leaving the body to go to different plains of existence or to the holy God that exists outside of bodily form or whatever teaching or text or spiritual experience that’s often spoken about.

[00:05:15] And even in yoga, you know, there was such an emphasis for such a long time of to transcend the human form of the body and to transcend the physical into. Out otherworldly, out of body experience, and I definitely took that journey, [00:05:30] actually. That was a big part of my journey and my awakening. But I realized that nothing was out there, apart from a felt sense of disconnection and disassociation.

[00:05:39] Like I wasn’t present or truly here in this reality and everything that it has to offer me. So I began to explore how do I bring that, which. I’ve been just conditioned to search for outside of myself. How do I begin that journey of searching for that inside of myself? And for me, it was like the universe, and I use God in [00:06:00] a more spacious tone, but that godly like spirit or that energy of the divine that we’ve so conditioned to pray to.

[00:06:08] Outside of the self, I began to explore. This must live inside me too, because if the micro and the macro are just reflections of each other, then everything that exists out there exists in here. And this is where the journey of awakening through the body. Began to unravel for me and the deepest spiritual pilgrimage that I found was [00:06:30] to explore the inner world of my own body and my own being.

[00:06:33] All of my own patterns, my beliefs, my limitations, the things that have been passed down through my family system, the imprints that I’ve adopted from culture, from society, what I should and shouldn’t be, and. Do this, don’t do that. And it was all like in here. And there’s been a journey of unraveling that to truly find what is my truth?

[00:06:55] What is the authentic self that is here in me? for me, [00:07:00] that’s the deepest spiritual experience that I have found. And can you tell me a bit more about how you took that journey, how that unfolded for. Well, like most people that I speak to when they have these kind of pivotal experiences in life, life brought me some challenge.

[00:07:17] I experienced some trauma within my family and it just opened a real opportunity for me to ask lots of really big questions. And I often find that the women that I work with and the people that are in my [00:07:30] community, They’ve had their own experience, whatever that may be, something that has shaken them or guided them to ask questions, to unravel the status quo of how it’s just been.

[00:07:42] Life just has been happening and then all of a sudden something happens. And for some people it isn’t necessarily a huge trauma. A lot of women that I work with this. Happens when they’ve had a child and they’re like, I’m never gonna be the same person again. Like, wow, life is completely different now.

[00:07:57] Who am I? What do I [00:08:00] like? What don’t I like? And there’s this awakening that can happen and it can also happen. And that’s a beautiful thing, right? To bring a life into the world. And it can also happen in these times of challenge. And that was it for me, really certain things that had happened within my family and my younger sister being unwell.

[00:08:17] It just led me to ask questions, most of all about the system. First of all, why do we trust doctors? Why did I just hand over sovereignty or authority to this? And then as you begin to ask [00:08:30] questions, they just become neverending. So that was really the opening point for me, the beginning point. And that led to what I would.

[00:08:37] Speak into or share quite a profound energetic and spiritual awakening that happened for me in quite a short period of time. I was transforming on a very deep level, and yeah, here I am. I’m really fascinated about the feminine energy and the masculine and feminine and how that all works. And you talk about room spaces.

[00:08:59] [00:09:00] Could you talk a bit more on. Well, we’ve been living in a very masculine energy within the planet, within consciousness, within culture. For some time we’ve been in a patriarchal, energetic. Previous to that, we were in a matriarchal energy on the planet, so it always. Seems to shift and transfer. I do believe that we’re gonna move more into a unified space at some point in time.

[00:09:23] I dunno when, but we’re going through that alchemical shift at this moment in time. But the feminine [00:09:30] energy is just something that’s been disregarded and disconnected from for some time, really, and more so for women to be disconnected. Through many different things, like women can do it all now, which is wonderful that we have power and we have liberation, and we can have our own bank, and we can have our own work.

[00:09:50] But this unbelievable pressure then came for women to be everything, to be both the career, to be both driving force of. Go get it kind of [00:10:00] attitude and to still mother and to nurture and to do all of that. We’ve disconnected from our nature and moved into more of a masculine driven energy. You know, feminism actually has quite a masculine quality to it, or it has had in previous years, and it’s brought women into this experience or this energy of coming up and out of the body and just existing more from the mind than.

[00:10:25] Their center, which is actually like our womb space is our intuitive center. [00:10:30] That is the feminine brain. That’s where we are deeply connected to our family members, to our children, to our community, and we have these seasons and these cycles that we’ve just been told or conditioned to not honor and respect and I speak if that was our menstrual cycle.

[00:10:48] This we go through on a very. Scientific level. We go through four massive shifts in hormones within a cycle. We have four different expressions, many more different [00:11:00] expressions of ourselves, but there’s these four pivotal expressions of our hormonal status throughout a cycle. But yet we’re living in a world that wants us to just be in this, put the foot on the pedal, press the gas down and go.

[00:11:15] Mm-hmm. And that’s like great ovulation energy, right? But we don’t have that all. So women were getting more and more burnt out and tired and exhausted because they were trying to put the foot on the gas and our cycle and our nature isn’t that [00:11:30] we are meant to ebb and flow and move into more quietness and into reflection when we’re bleeding and then come back out into the spring and the summer again, but, There’s just been all of this wisdom lost and forgotten.

[00:11:42] So many women were not even connected to that, and still now many women are not. And so that’s the work that I support women in reconnecting to that feminine energy within themselves, which isn’t linear. It’s very cyclical. It moves, it flows, it changes, and that’s the power, that’s the [00:12:00] wisdom of the feminine, but, , world and our culture has been so imprinted that like power and wisdom is one track line into.

[00:12:10] Success. We’ve lost the ability to recognize other expressions of creativity, of abundance, of success, of power, of wisdom. And it’s not about the linear aspect being wrong, but just being overexpressed and. We’ve lost [00:12:30] both and ability to see that there’s power in both. There’s wisdom in both. There’s beauty in both, and we’ve lived in this straight line trajectory to success and whatever that is at the end of that.

[00:12:42] And if you are anything but in that, then you’re not a successful human, or you’re not doing enough or you’re not doing it right and the journey of awakening or coming back into that feminine connection. Is to just remember that like nature moves in cycles. It’s a famous saint. Nature [00:13:00] doesn’t bloom all year round.

[00:13:01] We are not meant to be in summer all the time. We’re meant to have rest. We’re meant to have fallow, we’re meant to have winter. We’re meant to have the buds of spring, and when we live more in connection to that, we’re in connection to our feminine nature. We’re also in greater connection to nature as an energy, which is the life sustaining energy of creation.

[00:13:23] Even the cycles of creation. We’re not in one aspect of it all the time. We go through the spiral or the cycle. [00:13:30] We only have to look at a pregnant woman to see that. Like she’s not pregnant. She conceives. She gets the seed. She grows the seed. She blooms. She blooms, she blooms. Then she releases, she lets go, she births, and then she rests and restores.

[00:13:45] And that is the ultimate cycle of creation to create life, right? Mm-hmm. And so if we see that manifestation, it’s not full bloom all of the time. There is a cycle that happens there, and that is the piece that I guide [00:14:00] women to back into connection with or to remember. I’m not teaching them anything new.

[00:14:04] Their bodies know it. There’s always. Oh wow. Forgot about this. Like the body is, has a deep exhale. So what might that look like in terms of how women live their life or if they’ve got a business? You deal with a lot of businesses. Does that mean there’s like a whole different approach or it’s physically that they’re, do anything differently, but just a shift that happens?

[00:14:26] How would. Translate into how they now choose to [00:14:30] approach life and business and any other thing that they want to birth into the world. Well, the most simple way to transfer that teaching into business is to work within your business in alignment and attune to your own menstrual cycle. So you plan those big bursts.

[00:14:49] Get the to-do list done in ovulation, which just makes sense. And then when you wanna be more dreamy and think about ideas and maybe [00:15:00] journal and map visions out, that might be more like when you’re menstruate, because we’re much more in that kind of fluid energy then. When we are in our autumn, which is pre-menstrual energy, that would be the time that we can get quite critical.

[00:15:15] But that’s a great energy. Like what’s working, what’s not working, what needs to go, what needs to start, what needs to stay? And then again, when we come into that, just before ovulation, we’re in a spring-like energy. We’re just feeling into the potential and the [00:15:30] possibility, maybe making those calls, building some connections.

[00:15:34] Would you like to do a podcast with me next week? Cuz you’ll be in your summer and you’ll be in bloom. And so we can connect how we work in our business to our cycle. The two weeks of my cycle that I have more energy, I’ll have more availability for client calls because I’m there, I’m present. And when it comes to the map bleed, it’s like sometimes I can’t even get words out on my first day.

[00:15:55] Mm-hmm. So that would not be the time that I would schedule to record. [00:16:00] Or wouldn’t be the time that I would schedule to have meetings or to do. This with you, because it would just be, no, keep on stumbling over my words. I don’t even know what I was talking about. Forgot. Because the brain just is like, Ooh, a little bit like mush for a few days.

[00:16:16] And so it should be, but that might be when I like dream milk up or vision like, Ooh, what would be a great idea for that? And I build it all there. And then when I’ve got that full energy and I’m full of the chat and I’m like, yep, all the [00:16:30] energy’s here, then I create it. So that’s one of the most useful ways because you can just connect to your own cycle and work in your business and in your creation cycles like that.

[00:16:41] And then also just checking in. For women, it is. It’s really simple. Body first, business second was so taught to, oh, I’ll just give myself away to this. And then there’s burnout, and then there’s frustration, and then there’s resentment, and it’s like, how is my body feeling right now? Am I [00:17:00] resourced enough to take that phone call?

[00:17:02] Am I resourced enough to take on a new client? Do I have the space and capacity to say yes to? That interview, listening to body first and then being, making decisions from that place rather than making decisions and overriding how you feel, which is just gonna create more disconnect and disharmony in the relationship you have with your body, which is ultimately yourself.

[00:17:27] That’s beautiful. It’s a lot about [00:17:30] really knowing yourself really well and honoring, like you gave the example of actually giving birth that every stage has a powerful and meaningful purpose. So instead of thinking you have to force things. Yeah. Imagine if we had to think our way through creating a, a baby, we couldn’t do it.

[00:17:48] It’s listening and dishonoring the process. I’ve also heard you say in your podcast about regulating your nervous system. And when I listen to that, I think, oh my [00:18:00] goodness. And you’ve been, and you mentioned a lot of people come to you when they become mothers too. And I thought, oh, a lot of what you say is actually really helpful too.

[00:18:07] All aspects of life and to motherhood. Because I know as a mother, if you’re kids pushing back against what you need to get done, that you need to them to dress, go to school, Do homework, whatever it might be, and there’s that pushback, or there might be a meltdown or whatever that you need to co-regulate.

[00:18:25] You need to have your nervous system regulated. Can you speak a bit about the [00:18:30] nervous system regulation and how to get back on track with those? First of all, the piece that I always like to share, Is, it is not about staying regulated all the time. That is a perfectionist mentality that a lot of people come to me like, how do I stay regulated and chill all of the time?

[00:18:52] And I’m like, I hate to break it to you. That ain’t gonna happen because life happens Life. [00:19:00] Dysregulating at times, and we often speak of dysregulation in only a negative way. Like, oh, I’m stressed, or I’m anxious. But actually when we’re in hyper states of arousal or joy or excitement, we’re also dysregulated, but we don’t think about that too much because there’s more pleasant or positive expressions of energy.

[00:19:23] Regulation is that neutral space where we feel grounded and present with ourself. And there’s this. Spaciousness [00:19:30] around our ability to make decisions from a place of responding rather than reacting. That is how I would describe regulation. And like I say, the journey is not to stay there all the time. In fact, if a person claims to be in that state all of the time, they’re probably in a dysregulated state of foreign and almost like playing dead or like flatlining a little.

[00:19:55] The work lives in recognizing when we have [00:20:00] been activated or triggered or whatever word we, you know, we’ve moved from regulation to dysregulation. Acknowledging that that is what is alive in the body, having some kind of practice and everyone will have their own. Preferred practice. Like for me it’s just like having my hands someplace on my body and just taking a few deep breaths in and out.

[00:20:23] Extending the exhale just to create some space between me and the thing that’s [00:20:30] triggered me. Maybe you know, A family member or I don’t know, a driver that cuts you up on the road or your child or somebody in business. If you can just allow yourself those few moments of breath or spaciousness, it’s enough space for us to respond rather than react, and that’s how we go from.

[00:20:50] Regulation dysregulation because something happened back into regulation again. And of course all of that sounds super easy when you just speak it out loud and the practice of it is just [00:21:00] that. And sometimes we’re gonna get it and we’ll be like, yep, great. I came back, I found myself another time. So we’re gonna be bang in the middle of a huge reaction and be like, oh.

[00:21:12] This is not the one I’ve shouted at the kids 10 times in a row, or I’ve had a go at my partner, or I put the phone down on my mom, whatever the thing is. But even that is wisdom, just acknowledging like, yeah, so what was it? About that situation that [00:21:30] activated me, that touched something in me that caused me to dysregulate.

[00:21:34] And it’s usually always something that your body remembers from a previous experience, mostly in our formative years in our childhood, or times where we felt traumatized or scared or worried. And that experience brings that up again. But even if that is the case, it’s recognizing, well, what did I need in that moment?

[00:21:56] You know, if we’re in a place of reflection, what did I need in that [00:22:00] moment to create some space? What could I have done in that moment? To be able to be responsive rather than reactive, and then just be like, okay, so the next time I feel that feeling, I will try to or aim to give that to myself. So it might look like.

[00:22:18] Taking a few deep breaths. It might look like shaking the body. It might look like letting out a sound or a sigh if it’s a bigger experience, and obviously trusting that if [00:22:30] you’ve got little people to look after, you can’t really just like go for a walk on your own, but taking time to go out into nature.

[00:22:36] Have a walk, walk it out, stretch it out. And that might not be instantly, but when the children are at school or they’re in the care of somebody else, you can go and give that to yourself just to begin to regulate again. , and it’s just finding those practices that will all have ones that our body connect more to than others.

[00:22:56] You can also voice to children or to your [00:23:00] partner or your friend or whoever. I’m feeling a little anxious right now, or I’m feeling. A little dysregulated right now, and even just saying that rather than saying the thing that the reaction would want to say gives enough space for the reaction to dissolve and the response to come forward, I’m feeling really activated by what you’ve shared or what we’re talking about here.

[00:23:23] I need to take five minutes for myself. I will be. And of [00:23:30] course if it’s a little human, it’s slightly different because you’re in charge of looking after them. But if it’s in an adult relationship, then you can go and take yourself away, take your five breaths, or you might just step out of the confinement of the closeness of the interaction.

[00:23:44] Go out and stand by a tree or put your feet on the earth. Few breaths, shake it off just like an animal would, and then arrive back into the situation. Responsive, open, and curious rather than reactive, closed, shut down. [00:24:00] Trying to per if the other person wrong, so that you can prove yourself. Right. And we just get in these cycles.

[00:24:05] Don’t, does we No traps. Yeah. I love. You. I love the, you’re wrong. I’m right. I need to make sure I’m right. So my ego stays happy, so I’m gonna find every possible outcome for you being the one that’s wrong. And then they’re doing the same thing. And before you know it, we’re in this crazy egoic dance.

[00:24:26] Nobody even knows what they’re talking about anymore. And there’s just [00:24:30] dysregulation after dysregulation. And it is when we honor what is there for us. Like even saying, I feel dysregulated right now. I feel anxious right now. I feel like I’m gonna leave my body right now. I feel a bit dizzy right now with speaking out the experience rather than going into the reaction.

[00:24:48] And that gives us enough space to recognize I need to sit down. I need a glass of water. I need a sweet cup of warm tea. I need to take a few breaths. And sometimes you [00:25:00] need more space. Like I need a day away from you. I dunno if you have a challenge, if you’ve got like family members that you’ve got those challenges with, I need to take a day and I will be back in touch.

[00:25:10] It’s a bigger scenario and it’s really honoring. Honoring the self ultimately, so that we can be responsible for taking care of our own nervous systems in all of our relationships, our relationship to life, to other people, to children, to family members, to clients, to team members. And all we need to do is be [00:25:30] responsible for our own nervous system, and then the other person can be responsible for theirs, and that’s where we can then begin to co.

[00:25:37] That is slightly different with children because of course they haven’t learned the skills, the tools, and don’t have the capacity to regulate their own nervous systems, which is why there’s a meltdown and there’s tantrums and there’s drama, and rightfully so, cuz they’re learning about being a human.

[00:25:54] And parenting for me is like a journey of, let me find a regulated or [00:26:00] resourced place in me. To be able to honor and witness the child’s experience. And usually it passes much quicker than if we’ve got into it, like mm-hmm. If there’s like a reaction upon a reaction. The beauty of children and when we’ve all been children is something comes alive really quick, but it can also pass through really quick.

[00:26:20] Mm-hmm. Like how many times has one of your children been like, full on meltdown and then 10 minutes later they’re like singing and dancing and the happiest version of themselves and you? [00:26:30] Wow. That is crazy wild. But it’s just like, it’s passed through now and I’d like to play with my dolls again. And it’s like, okay.

[00:26:39] Yeah, they teach us a lot. Yeah, they do. Now, one thing you talk about helping women with that I know that you do really, really well, is storytelling. Like, I like to put people at easy if they wanna do a podcast, for example. I will edit out mistakes and their outtakes [00:27:00] and all of that, and they don’t have to get it perfect, but I’m amazed how little that needs doing with you , and how you just let it flow through you somehow.

[00:27:07] So can you tell us a bit about storytelling and your approach to it? Thank you. I just allow myself to speak and don’t really get in the way. I guess there’s an ego in all of us that wants to know. Is it perfect? Is it right? Have I said it right? Have written the script and I need to read it word for word.

[00:27:27] And I just don’t do any of that. I just turn [00:27:30] the microphone on, I sit, meditate, connect to my body and just speak. So do you have any dot points or anything? No. Or you just, wow. I usually write content from the podcast, so we’ll either transcribe them or you transcribe them sometimes, or one of my, the VAs will transcribe them and then we’ll pull out the text to make the emails and make blogs from it.

[00:27:57] I don’t have anything written out beforehand. I’ll have the [00:28:00] theme of this, so the title ultimately will come to me, like Business in the Nervous System, and I’ll be like, okay, let’s go. And then , it’s just there for me, but that it is been a big journey of. Anchoring into my body and my wisdom and being in trust and just allowing things to flow and not getting in the way to the point where I have never listened to anything that I’ve recorded, which is why I’m always messaging you saying, how’s the recording?[00:28:30]

[00:28:30] Because I don’t listen to it. I’ve got hundreds of meditations. I’ve never listened to any of them. I’ve just recorded them and then sent them to people. I’m like, well, Got an A booboo in it, then somebody will let me know. And obviously now with the podcast, if there’s an error with the recording, then you’ll kindly let me know and I’ll just record it again.

[00:28:49] But that’s the funny thing about when they don’t work, I’m like, tap, what did I say? And then I think that podcast was never meant to be like whatever came [00:29:00] through was not meant to be the transmission that wasn’t meant to be shared because it’s inaudible. We can’t transcribe it. I haven’t got a clue what’s going on, so I just trust that.

[00:29:11] Right. Well, that wasn’t the right one, and something else will come through. And it’s interesting that you say that you use the podcast for everything else because it’s a cornerstone piece and that you’ve got your sorted. But that is something I do for people is that the only thing they do is the podcast and then they’ll get reels from it and written content from it.

[00:29:28] And because everything [00:29:30] flows, because you have such a depth in the podcast, you don’t have to narrow something down to 30 seconds. And so before we leave the podcasting, can you tell me why you chose to do podcast? I don’t know why. Actually, maybe two years before I started the podcast, there was this like little knock on the inside door of my psyche, like, you should do a podcast.

[00:29:53] You should do a podcast. And I thought about it and I tried to record a couple in my own way, and [00:30:00] it just didn’t flow at that time. So I just thought, okay, I’m sure it’ll come when it’s meant to. And then one. My team members actually just said, you know, maybe you’d start a podcast this year and it just must have been right time, right place for me to receive it.

[00:30:17] And I was like, Yeah, I’ve got some things to say now, whereas back then maybe I didn’t think I had anything to say. I used to think that was an awful speaker because it has my own way of communicating and it’s very different from [00:30:30] other people. And I have my own language in describing or approaching things, and I’ve lent into that being like the gift rather than, oh, you need to be like others.

[00:30:39] This is my voice and this is how I share it. And it was just the right moment. So then I just was like, okay. Here we are. The podcast is birthed and then it just all happened and then I found you and I was like, wonderful. I just Googled podcast va and you came up and I was like, She is amazing. [00:31:00] It’s so obvious for me that you are ideal for a podcast because you have some, you have depth to you.

[00:31:06] So to be able to have that freedom to just go deep just really, really suits you. So is there anything you’d like to let Alisons know that you have coming up? Mm. Yeah, so I have birthing very soon, a six month mentorship, a mastermind. So this is for women in life, in relationship, in leadership, in [00:31:30] creation, women that really want to go to that next level inside of themselves, and then let that manifest and move out into how they show up in their work, in their world, in their service, in their creation.

[00:31:45] That begins in May, and it’s a six month journey. That’s a combination of group calls and individual sessions as well. So this is the ultimate container with me because you get the beauty of both. Often women either come [00:32:00] into a group or they come into one-to-one. And there’s so much potency in both of those experiences, and I just felt like this year there should be an offering to combine them because we feel and experience so much when we hear other women, but we also gain so much from being just held on our own.

[00:32:18] So I brought it all together in this space, and for women that want to dive deep into their feminine and their body and their womb, we have the Village, which is a monthly [00:32:30] community membership, and we meet there for one live ceremony a month, and you get access to about seven or eight of my courses. So hundreds of meditations and practices.

[00:32:41] Every month there’ll be a recorded ceremony or practic. And that is 44 pounds a month. So an absolute beautiful gateway into my world, into all of my work. So they’re the two things that are open at the moment. The village is open anytime for women to join. And [00:33:00] the Embodied Woman Mastermind and mentorship, the cart closes on the 11th of May.

[00:33:05] Okay. Well thank you so much. Is there anything else you want to share before we wrap up? Just a huge thank you. Thank you for having me. Thank you for being amazing and all of your support is deeply appreciated. Thank you so much. So what were your key takeaways from today? Did it raise any questions? What would you like to know more about?

[00:33:24] Let me know. You can contact me via social media or email. I don’t care which way you use. [00:33:30] Just reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you. And remember, you can get access to lots of free podcast resources that’ll help you get started or help you improve your podcast, Libby music Hit subscribe cuz I wanna see you again for now.

[00:33:46] Go forth. Be the awesome person you. Live the life you want to live and have fun. You’ve got this. See you next time. Show them[00:34:00]

[00:34:08] H It is, man. Move baby. Rock solid and

[00:34:17] to reach.