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MARCH 22, 2023

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome: Reignite Your Passion for Podcasting 

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome: Reignite Your Passion for Podcasting

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Hey friends, it’s Olivia here! In today’s episode, I’m getting vulnerable and talking about that nagging feeling of self-doubt and fear that can come with podcasting or creating content in general. You know, the one where you wonder if you’re any good or if you’re just plain awful. Can you relate?

I dive into my own experiences of feeling this way and how I’ve learned to cope and move forward. I also share how my ADHD diagnosis helped me understand myself better, and the importance of finding someone who understands and supports you when you’re feeling stuck.

In this episode, I offer some questions for reflection and practical tips for getting unstuck and rediscovering your passion for sharing your voice and message. I also discuss the power of inviting guests or guest co-hosts to your podcast and the importance of remembering your “why.”

Lastly, I touch on how valuable it is to have someone to lean on during those moments of doubt, and how I offer that same support to my clients through mentoring and content creation services.

I’d love to hear about your experiences dealing with self-doubt and how you’ve overcome it. Send me a DM on Instagram @livvimusicmedia with your stories, and don’t forget to check out my “must-have tech list” for podcasting on the “freebies” page of my website!

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[00:00:00] Olivia: I hate how I look on camera. I hate the sound of my voice. What am I even doing? So how do you cope when you’re feeling this way? What if you are making a podcast or making a [00:00:10] video and you hit the wall and you are not sure if anything you create is any good? You’re not sure whether to keep going. What do you do next?

Hi, I’m Olivia. I help [00:00:20] entrepreneurs with big dreams to create podcasts that attract their ideal client, get them off the content creation hamster wheel, and help them create the [00:00:30] business and the life they want. Hey, my name is Olivia Deza. I’m dedicated to helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality by building a [00:00:40] career and a life they.

And making a positive impact in the world. I’m the podcast and social media manager, a singer songwriter, a kid’s music creator, a [00:00:50] Felic, our wife and a mom. I’m the secret weapon behind many six and seven figure entrepreneurs helping them shine a line and call in the people they are here to serve. And [00:01:00] now I’m here to help you.

This podcast is here to help you learn and be inspired. You’ll learn about podcasting, lead generation, business, and all about the real life stories of people [00:01:10] behind the. Just like you think of it as a place to hang out with your like-minded business bestie who gets what it’s like. So grab a cup and hit subscribe so we can hang [00:01:20] out.

Again, this is Magnetic Pod, the podcast. I am here and I’m ready to be brave. Cannot miss me. I’ll stand on [00:01:30] every stage. I’m available for my.

So before we dive in, remember to hit [00:01:40] the subscribe button so that you don’t miss any of the tips and insights and stories that can help you to create the business and the life you want. So if [00:01:50] you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, in putting yourself out there. Just know that you are not alone. I have been there too, and my own [00:02:00] experiences helped me to empathize and get where you are coming from and where my clients are coming from.

And when that’s happened to me, I found a big thing that [00:02:10] helped was. I really craved being able to get outta my own head and having someone to talk to. So that is why with my clients, I do more [00:02:20] than just support them with the content creation and the podcast editing and that kind of thing, I. I’m available.

If they need someone to bounce ideas off and chat, [00:02:30] uh, or wonder which direction they’re going, or ask for some feedback, then I can do that because I know that that’s what I crave and that’s what I want myself. So one clear aspect that [00:02:40] helped me and that I find helps others is to get clear on what’s going on in your head and why, and what’s causing your feelings of [00:02:50] discomfort.

And so for me, I realized that I had the tendency. having a lot of interest in a lot of things and a lot of passions, and then wanting to go in different directions and not knowing [00:03:00] which way to go sometimes, and realizing that that was a trait of ADHD and that I had that trait helped me realize what whole, okay, [00:03:10] it’s not me trying to find the right thing and the right answer and the right podcast.

it’s me realizing that that is [00:03:20] a part of who I am, and that’s what I’m always going to wanna do, is to have all these different interests and exciting passions and stuff. So instead of going in different directions, if I know that this is my thing, [00:03:30] that I, that I want to, uh, explore different areas and I don’t wanna be boxed in then knowing.

how can [00:03:40] I make this more interesting and more fun and more sustainable for me to keep doing ongoing? So for me, that’s what led me to changing even in my mind, even if [00:03:50] it’s a subtle change to Magnetic Pod, pod. This podcast, it led me to changing how I felt about it because I thought, oh, okay, well, , I’m gonna [00:04:00] bring some of the things that I’ve been craving into this podcast.

Instead of chopping and changing and creating a possibly new podcast to reignite an old one I’d done in the past, or these [00:04:10] things went through my mind, um, because I wanted to, I, I was craving the storytelling and I was craving conversations and, and I was, you know, thinking about other things [00:04:20] that I’d like to do.

I thought, how can I bring that into what I’m already doing? So that. ending something and starting something new again, . So [00:04:30] that kind of, just knowing that, that that’s my tendency. I went, okay, I’m going to bring the things I crave into what I’m doing. So for you, [00:04:40] have a think about what you are missing and what you are craving, and how can you bring what you are craving into your podcast, into your content [00:04:50] creation.

Find a way to bring what you are craving into what you are doing. How can you make it more fun? So f So for me, I missed having some [00:05:00] personal conversations and I missed storytelling cuz I found that I was doing a lot of tips and tricks and stuff, but I wanted to tell [00:05:10] more stories. So I’m still doing tips and tricks, but, I am revealing more of myself, and I am doing some more storytelling into that, [00:05:20] and I plan to do more interviews.

It is easier, I admit to do the solo interviews, solo interviews, solo episodes, because I can just hit record and get it done. I don’t have [00:05:30] to tee up anything with anyone else. Uh, but so, but they, there will be some interviews coming as well. Side note, . Okay. I [00:05:40] would also suggest. as far as, as part of understanding what’s going on in your head and what it is that you need.

Some journal prompts. So I’ve written some down, [00:05:50] so I’m just gonna read these. Uh, what am I genuinely scared of? Is this fear based in reality? What can I do about it? [00:06:00] So if you are scared of what people think, for example, or you are scared of boring, people think, is it really true? Do [00:06:10] you know that someone’s bored?

If you do know that someone’s bored, do you care? Are they your people? Is it your target market? Worst case [00:06:20] scenario, if your worst fear happens, doesn’t matter. Is it that bad? Is it enough of a reason for you to not continue? What can you bring to the podcast that will energize you [00:06:30] again and make it more fun?

Even if it’s not the long term thing, it might be that. Bringing all the, the energy yourself and it just being you is getting too much and you’re [00:06:40] gonna have a guest host one or one or two times, or you’re gonna bring in some guests so that you have some conversation and some energy back from somebody else.

Have a think about who you [00:06:50] admire, what would they do? I’m not saying that you have to copy what someone else would do above yourself. It really has to come back to what screams inside your heart. [00:07:00] Yes. But if that can inspire. , that could be a good thing in a year from now or five years from now. What would your future self be telling [00:07:10] you to do?

What advice would your future self say? What would you wish you had done in five years or in one year? What would you have wished you have done from this point? [00:07:20] And the other thing is, remember that it’s okay to be human. So best practice is to be [00:07:30] consistent. Ideally one podcast a week, but even one podcast, a, a fortnight is good if that’s what is sustainable.

But [00:07:40] if you’re not, and if you stop because you are human, and life happens and either you just stopped or a thing happened in your life, don’t [00:07:50] let that be a reason that you just stop it altogether. You are human and. It’s like if you stopped exercising, don’t let that be a reason that you just [00:08:00] stop altogether like, like you can start again.

You don’t have to be perfect. You can get back on the horse and have another go, you know? [00:08:10] So the other thing to remember is if you are feeling like you’ve hit the wall, you’re feeling a bit sick of yourself, all of those sort of things [00:08:20] to remember that feelings. Temporary emotions. It is not forever. It is not a reason to think that it is all over.[00:08:30]

You know, we know this with our kids when they’re having a tantrum or whatever it might be, that they don’t know that that feeling is temporary and it’s just [00:08:40] all consuming and it’s just terrible. Uh, but we know, or at least we should. So just remember that if you’re going through a [00:08:50] dip in your confidence or whatever, it’s temporary.

It’s not forever. It doesn’t have to be, you don’t have to stay stuck there. You can feel that you can be [00:09:00] human, you can have your little wobbles, but you can get back. It’s not permanent. Another thing to think about is think about who you. . [00:09:10] Like for example, I know with this podcast that I’ve had people say that they, that they’ve listened to the podcast in planning their own podcast and it actually helped them.

Just remember who you help. [00:09:20] Just remember that your message does matter. Think of who you’ve helped. Think of any messages, any positive feedback that you’ve had. If anyone’s ever said that [00:09:30] what you shared has helped them, remember that, write them down. Celebrate that, feel, that feeling of wow. , [00:09:40] wow. This made a difference, this mattered.

I know for myself, for example, that I have listened to podcasts or content in any form. Might be [00:09:50] TikTok video, YouTube, whatever, that in my journey, I have definitely seen stuff out there that helped me [00:10:00] recognize things in myself and that made a difference, and those people. sometimes no. And sometimes they will never know and that’s okay.

And the [00:10:10] same is true for you. So just have a bit of faith that if you’re true to yourself and that you’re putting out content because it’s stuff that you care about and that you wanna help [00:10:20] people have faith that it’s making a difference. Let that be your why and Reremember, and you might have another why as well.

So remember that too. Remember what your [00:10:30] why is.

probably one of the most significant things I think has been, and that the thing that I really craved when I myself [00:10:40] has have had a bit of a confidence wobble, uh, and not sure what to do next in which direction to go, is that I have been in my [00:10:50] own head , and I’ve craved having the thing that. give other people.

So, and then I had to find, go out and find someone that I [00:11:00] could talk to about, Hey, this is where I’m at. This is what I’m feeling. I just need to bounce ideas off you here to listen and hear me, and let me unravel what’s in [00:11:10] my head and to someone who understands. So I think finding someone who will support you and understand you and let you just get it out, I think that’s really helpful too.

Maybe you can find [00:11:20] someone where you help each. Or if it’s podcasting, maybe reach out to me. So, have you ever hit the wall with content creation, [00:11:30] with podcasting? If you have, let me know. Let me know what helped you. Let me know if anything in this episode helped you and let me know what you want in the future.

You can contact [00:11:40] me. Uh, you can d DM me. on Instagram at Libby Music Media, L I V V I, music media. [00:11:50] Uh, hit subscribe so I can see you next time. Also, don’t forget if you wanna do podcasting, I have. Tips and tricks and tools and your [00:12:00] must-have tech list and all sorts of freebies that you can get from the freebies page on my libby music website.

Head to the freebee tab, link in the show notes. All right, see you next [00:12:10] time. Bye.

I am here and I’m ready to be brave. Cannot miss me. [00:12:20] I’ll stand on every stage. I’m available for my destiny. To reach my.[00:12:30]