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September 16, 2022

E26 How to do Google Ads Right with Lou Kozlevcar

E26 How to do Google Ads Right with Lou Kozlevcar

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Figuring out how to optimize the use of websites? Trying to find ways to advertise your business through Google?


Learn everything about doing Google Ads the right way and discover ways to website optimization.


In this episode, we meet the gorgeous Lou who is a digital marketing specialist based in Melbourne Australia, and they have over a decade’s worth of knowledge covering WordPress website development, Google ads, email marketing, and SEO.

We discuss:

-How to do Google Ads

-Search Engine Optimization

-Optimizing Websites

-Figuring Out a Google Support Person’s Advice

-Using Google Ads to Make Sales and Leads

-Having an SEO Optimized Website



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[00:00:00] Have you run Google ads before? Or have you wondered whether you should. Personally, I focus on organic strategies, but I have been interested in learning more about paid ads and how to do it effectively. So you get return on your investment. So today I’m talking with Luke Kaletra, who is a Google ads specialist who gets outstanding results for their clients.

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I have loads and loads of free resources and templates that will help you get started. The link is in my show notes. Now here’s your show. Welcome Lou. Thank you. pleasure to have you here. So I will introduce you today. We have Lou SLE chart. Lou is a digital marketing specialist based in Melbourne Australia.

And they have over a decade’s worth of knowledge, covering WordPress website development, Google ads, email marketing, and SEO. So there’s a lot we could cover. So you do [00:02:00] cover a lot. There you cover, obviously the paid ads and SEO and lots of things. You mentioned wanting to focus on paid ads, which I am happy to do because I just.

It’s not something I specialize in and I have heard it. It can, well, I basically wanna learn about it. I’m not going to say what I’ve heard. I wanna learn from you. So, but first let’s start with how you came to do what you, what it is you do now. How did you end up being this digital marketing specialist?

Okay. So I sort of coming to the end of high school and uni in that phase of study in my life, I was interested in doing something with computers and then I was encouraged by my family to get into building websites. So I did that for a little while, and then I sort of came to realize that. Building websites is great and all like, they’re a really important thing to have for a business, but I found that they’re sort of websites are connected to this ecosystem of other digital marketing areas [00:03:00] that you need to have in order to make it work very well.

Okay. You need to people to find it in other words, is that what you’re getting? Okay. And so that’s how you got into exploring how that can happen. Is that what happened next? Yeah. Like, I mean, when you are setting up websites, it sort of becomes necessary to understand like how you need to optimize it and get it to work for things like Google search and Google search ads.

Cuz if you don’t do it right then yeah. You do websites not gonna show up. Okay. And, and so how is it that you’re helping people these days mainly focused on yeah. Google, Google search ads. A bit of. Display and shopping and tiny bit of video ads as well. And I’m also at the moment learning how to work with meta.

So Facebook and Instagram ads as well. Okay. So can you tell me what type of paid ads you do? Mainly on Google properties. So search display shopping are my primary ones at the moment. All right. And what are your tips [00:04:00] with that? Is there any strategy tips? Or advice you’d have around creating. Yeah. One of my top, most things is always, if you get rung up by a Google support person and they tell you to do things, I take that with a bit of grain and salt, cuz like often that advice that they give you is like, it’s either kind of very generic or it’s set up in such a way to make Google more money rather than help you out.

So I think that’s kind of the thing that you sort of need to Intuit and figure out after you’ve gotten several years of experience, like I have. Because, yeah, everyone’s business is unique and sometimes the default best practices for everyone are not are pick a book to you. So that’s why, yeah. I’d say be a bit cautious.

That’s interesting because if you’re trying to figure it out, or if you are learning and as perhaps anyone who’s learning in the beginning would turn to those resources, wouldn’t you and find out, okay, what does Google say? And all of those things, but then you’ve put that together with the results you’ve actually seen and gone.

Hang on a minute. . [00:05:00] Okay. So what are the kind of things that people, well, who should be making ads? And is it a matter of just, do you make ads to make a sale or do you make ads to get a lead and build an email list? For example, uh, you can do either of those things. So, yeah, it’s not uncommon to use it in such a way to generate awareness for your brand or consideration.

Take people to a landing page with some kind of small offer, just to get them to try you out and then put them on your email database. And then yeah, you can make it a bit more direct and say, if you’ve got an online shop, you could put your ad straight up onto the Google shopping, search results and get more people to see those products that they otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

If you weren’t using Google . Okay. All right. So you wouldn’t necessarily. So you have to have a strategy behind it. I, I imagine so you’ve gotta either, have you might either have that you’ve [00:06:00] got products and that people that you make sure that you get seen and hopefully people can go ahead and buy those products that are coming up or a low end offer or a lead making or something like that.

Yeah. Okay. Say someone does click on an ad for like a lead magnet or a low end product or something like that. And then they get that. Do you help with what happens after that as well? Or you just set up the ad? I guess that kind of depends. If you wanna say, go into the realm of like follow up emails and that sort of things, I sort of understand like what you need and what’s involved, but I might sort of refer you to an email specialist to get that done.

Mm-hmm yeah. Similarly with copywriting, for example, like I can put together what we want the ads to say, but if you want like more enticing sales copy in an email or something like that, I might say, Hey, look, I. That a copywriter might be better suited to write that sort of thing. So you could pay, you could do the overview of advising people.

Yeah. And so that they [00:07:00] know the best strategy to go ahead with. And what about remarketing? Is that something that you recommend? Yeah. Yeah, that’s definitely very important. It’s actually like it. Like one of the most helpful ways to get a customer over the vine. And it works very well in conjunction with something like abandoned shopping carts and getting people to come back to the website after, you know, a period of time has passed.

Okay. Is there any sort of ideal content that people should. Having up there to entice and, you know, make the ad work. Do you generally do a video or certain text or what kind of style of ads puts Google ads? It’s you tell me . Yeah. So yeah, it’s well, in theory, you could, if you wanted to run video ads on YouTube, which is owned by Google, that costs a lot more than just using the search ads or display ads, for example.

Yeah. That’s [00:08:00] definitely a viable strategy. , but in terms of like getting search ads, for example, to work really well, you’d wanna have your website very well, SEO optimized. So the things that work well for organic Google search also work well for page search. So in a sense, you wanna have the website be friendly for people and Google as well.

Okay. So the ads would then speed up the SEO efforts, I guess. Would that be fair to. In a way. Yeah. Yeah. So if you could put that SEO effort into your website to come up on organic search, but that can often take time. It can take several months and you can’t really predict when the Google algorithm might pick it up.

But if you do a good job with Google search ads, they should. Be live are pretty much in instantly and yeah. Showing up on those results pages. So does that mean you, you would recommend first that people get their houses in order, as far as [00:09:00] their website and the SEO, which is the thing that you help with too, is that right?

Get your home in order. And then people send people to it. Is that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Again, in more of like an advisory capacity, I would yeah. Look at your website and say, you need to, you know, get an SEO specialist to fix these things up for you and then yeah. That’ll help your paid search ads work really well.

So yeah, it’ll make you more likely to show up on, on results and also lower the cost per click for an ad as well. And what do you think people’s expectation should be around? Ads. Is it something that works quickly? Does it depend on the kind of offer you have? Is it a, is it depend on your goal? What you’re trying to achieve?

How long should people be willing to put money into the paid ad and kind of what return on investment should they expect? I know that’s a whole lot. How long is a piece of string thing? Uh, but just in general, your thoughts on people’s [00:10:00] expectations versus. How you think best practice is. Yeah. So yeah, just keeping in mind that everyone has sort of a different sales process, you know, depending on whether you are business to customer or B2B or how, whatever type of product or service you offer.

But yeah, most people should consider say a three to six month commitment. Sometimes it can take a while for the Google algorithm to figure out what your business is about and then figure out the best ways, best times and places to show your ads to people. Cuz yeah, there’s a whole lot of like machine learning involved as well that you need a bit of patience for.

We otherwise generally speaking, like if you’re running, say an eCommerce, an online store business, you should be considering maybe spending. About three grand and expecting 10 grand revenue off that ad spend, that’s just like [00:11:00] a sort of minimum benchmark more is better, but less probably means, uh, maybe not.

Okay. So is there anything that I haven’t asked that you would want people to know about Google ads? I think. Some people might be wondering if this is something that they can do themselves and technically yes. Um, so, yeah, Google and also Facebook have like ways to let you do things like quickly and simply just, you know, automatic, the platform does it for you, but the results are generally mixed and.

Yes, probably would be better off educating yourself and learning the best practices. And, you know, you could spend maybe like one to three months educating yourself on the best way to do this sort of thing. And if you don’t have the time, you might be better at getting a specialist to help you with this.

I think if you’re an entrepreneur really to think about doing it yourself, I don’t think you can really grow that way. I [00:12:00] mean, that’s why, that’s why I offer my services. And that’s why I get help on things. Because if you are running a show, you can’t do everything yourself. I think you really do need support and not try to learn every role yourself.

And you’ve learned this over years. So I think it makes a lot of sense what you’re saying to, to outsource and bring in the best, cuz in the end, I think that works out cheaper than wasting. Your time and your money on ads and your time is worth worth money and the results are worth money. Oh, yeah, that’s right.

I think I actually yeah, I heard someone in my industry say that she, she did the math and the cost of hiring. Say an agency to do your digital marking for you. Cost works out less than hiring an in-house person. Oh, really? And you get like a whole team of people for that cost. So, yes. Yeah. So makes sense.

All right. So how can people find you? Uh, I would recommend checking out by LinkedIn. I like to connect with people and business [00:13:00] owners on there. Mm-hmm that’s a great platform. Yeah. Uh, for meeting people who are happy and open to, to talk business, that’s what you’re there for. Okay. So they can search.

Search your name or search your business name or? Okay. So we’ll put us put all the links in the show notes. Yes. So. Anything, any final words before we wrap up? I just wanna say that it’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to, to speak on your podcast. I’m glad we, we finally managed to, to get together.

It’s been a pleasure. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. So what were your key takeaways from today? Did it raise any questions? What would you like to know more about? Let me know you can contact me via social media or email. I don’t care which way you use. Just reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you.

And remember, you can get access to lots of free podcast resources. That’ll help you get started or help you improve your podcast at livey music, Hit subscribe, cuz I wanna see you again, but for now go forth. Be the awesome [00:14:00] person you. Live the life you want to live and have fun. You’ve got this.

See you next time.

It’s man universe, baby rock solid. And to reach.